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These are the top five scoring companies that have applied for medical marijuana dispensary licenses. Several submitted applications in multiple zones, but will have to choose one zone in which to open a dispensary.

Zone 1

• Acanza Health Group

• Valentine Holdings

• Arkansas Medicinal Source Patient Center

• The Releaf Center

• Eureka Green

Zone 2

• Fiddler's Green

• Plant Family Therapeutics

• Big Fish of North Central Arkansas

• Arkansas Green Cross Cannabis Dispensary

• Arkansas Natural Products

Zone 3

• Valentine Holdings

• Grassroots OPCO


• Delta Cannabis Co.

• m Natural State Wellness Dispensary

Zone 4

• Valentine Holdings

• Natural State Wellness Dispensary

• JPS Management

• River Valley Dispensary

• 420RX

Zone 5

• Harvest

• Grassroots OPCO

• Natural State Wellness Dispensary

• Natural Relief Dispensary

• Native Green Wellness Center

Zone 6

• Green Springs Medical

• Native Green Wellness Center

• Doctors Orders RX

• Natural State Medical Group

• Green Remedies Group

Zone 7

• Acanza Health Group

• Natural State Wellness Dispensary

• PainFree RX

• Delta Cultivators

• Pine Bluff Agriceuticals

Zone 8

• Grassroots OPCO

• Noah's Ark

• Bloom Medicinals of AR


• Arkadelphia Dispensary

A Section on 12/21/2018

Print Headline: Firms with top 5 highest scores

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