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story.lead_photo.caption Annie Lankford - Photo by Cary Jenkins

Annie Lankford

Where I live: In Pleasant Valley with my husband, Jack Lankford, and our five children, five cats, three dogs and three hermit crabs. Yup. We're a little bit crazy.

Occupation: I'm a lawyer, but recently accepted my calling into ministry in the United Methodist Church, and I'm attending seminary next fall.

My favorite space is: Our main living room -- it's actually part terrarium. Our house is one-story with all the bedrooms coming off of the main living area. In the center is a big water feature and several trees. It's definitely a talking point when people visit. The cats especially love to climb the rocks and trees. The original owner of our house kept a boa constrictor as a pet in the area.

Why? We absolutely love the openness of our living area. The kitchen, sitting area and pool table area all flow together with the terrarium at the center of the home. With so many children and pets, it always feels like a party is happening -- and we love that.

If I could make one change to improve this space, I would: While we love the terrarium, it also creates its own challenges -- we have a big floor of dirt in the center of our house! Our plan is to keep the feel of the terrarium, while minimizing the dirt and create a really cool, retro sunken dining space for our family.

-- Jennifer Christman

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