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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Oct. 29-Nov. 2.:

Harold L. Gwatney and the William A. Gwatney Revocable Trust to Harold Gwatney Chevrolet Company, 1301 TP White Drive, Jacksonville. Pt NE NE 19-3N-10W, $4,070,000.

Broadmoor Shopping Center LLC to BSC University LLC, NE NE 13-1N-13W, $3,225,000.

Terry K. and Luke W. Quinn III and the Quinn Living Trust to Sunrise River View Properties LLC, L10, Riverview Point, $1,650,000.

Timothy S. Proctor and the Timothy Scott Proctor Revocable Trust to Jamie A. and Kim S. Cardenas, 46 Germay Court, Little Rock. L22 B89, Chenal Valley, $1,150,000.

John F. Pierron to Thomas H. Fuqua III and the Thomas H. Fuqua III (THF III) 2010 Trust, L1HR B2, East Palisades, $1,020,000.

Pinnacle Management Group LLC to KRA Properties LLC, 6321 Ranch Drive, North Little Rock. L6 Tract F, The Ranch, $1,010,000.

Winston Y. Ota to Jackson M. Farrow and Erin L. Hohnbaum, 5511 Stonewall Road, Little Rock. Ls2-3 B22, Newton, $795,000.

Leung's Inc. to Banyan Capital Investments LLC, 1602-1604 Merrill Drive, Little Rock. L38, Charles Valley Phase 11, $700,000.

Arvest Bank to Mojuva LLC, Pt NE SE 1& Pt SE SE 17-3N-13W, $700,000.

Koon Properties LLC to East End Wash Group LLC, 14702 Arch Street Pike, Little Rock. L1, Koon Carwash, NW SE 20-1S-12W, $650,000.

Speedco Inc. to Roserock Holdings LLC, L2, Valentine Phase II, $520,000.

Justin and Leigh S. Keener to Sharon R. Strong and Michael R. Wallace Jr., 6705 Hawthorne Road, Little Rock. L78R, Westover Hills Replat, $460,000.

Laura H. and Jason T. Dickinson, the Laura Dickinson Living Trust, and the Jason Dickinson Living Trust to Jessica and Wright Patterson, L8 B30, Pleasant Valley, $435,000.

David and Tracie J. Kelley to Billy J. and Cassandra D. Ward, 2901 Moonstone Cove, Sherwood. L54 B11, Stonehill Phase VI, $400,000.

Randy Wright Builders LLC to Richard C. Henderson II, 119 Navaho Trail, Maumelle. L28, Osage Hills PRD, $397,000.

Nancy W. and Amos H. Branson Jr. to Tracy A. Haselow, 19 Huntington Road, Little Rock. L142, Foxcroft 3rd, $360,000.

Dennis and Maryscott Glasgow to Lacey and Tyson Finnell, 3412 Buckhorn Trail, Little Rock. L16 B9, Woodlands Edge, $350,000.

Virginia A. Mullins to Vicki L. Duhart and Thomas Watson 39 Commentry Drive, Little Rock. L6 B81, Chenal Valley, $349,900.

Sara L. and David W. Berryman Jr. to Kenneth Henderson, L10 B80, Chenal Valley, $344,000.

GrubCo Construction & Design LLC to Jennifer and Michael L. Cumming, 42 Cobblestone Way, Little Rock. L25, The Ranch, $340,000.

Debra L. and Scott A. Joblin to Debra and Juan Puentes, 1222 Stewart Road, Little Rock. SE SW 2-1N-14W, $336,000.

Graham Smith Construction LLC to Scott W. and Stacy K. Eoff, 32 Piper Lane, Little Rock. L17, Piper Lane, $317,150.

Andrea K. and Jacob C. Sheddan to Gerardo and Luz Almazan, 9401 Stepping Stone Court, Sherwood. L183, Miller's Crossing Phase 3, $315,000.

Bruce Engel Construction Inc. to Layne B. and Marsha C. Mason, 1606 Creekview Drive, Sherwood. L4 B12, Creekside, $303,000.

David T. and Rebecca A. Bickell to Emily and Robert P. Antoun, 118 River Valley Lp, Maumelle. L9 B13, Maumelle Valley Estates, $291,500.

James H. Garner and the James H. Garner Revocable Trust to Donald J. and Linda L. Derych, L5 B23, Chenal Valley, $291,000.

Gay A. and Steven M. Anthony to David F. Gillison, 1 Treetops Lane Unit 405C, Little Rock. L405C, Treetops HPR, $290,000.

Harold and Syble Gwatney to Odie Briscoe, L18, Creekwood HPR, $285,000.

Kristen L. Ficut (aka Kristen L. Strohl) to Richard and Deborah J. Skeens, 2800 Breckenridge Drive, Little Rock. L361, Colony West 5th, $279,750.

Kurt R. and Renee D. Stonebraker to Andrea and Brett Bolan and the Brett & Andrea Bolan Revocable Living Trust, 2904 Mossy Creek Drive, Little Rock. L13 B6, Woodlands Edge, $275,000.

Martin C. and Sheryl A. Trexler to Justin Galbraith, 7508 S. Glenn Drive, Sherwood. L2 B6, Glenn Hills Phase I, $272,400.

Murray Group LLC to William Shawver, 1527 Creekview Drive, Sherwood. L29 B10, Creekside, $270,000.

Henry C. Johnson to Shirley C. Gunnels and the Shirley C. Gunnels Revocable Trust, L18 B2, Wildwood Place, $260,000.

KLBCG LLC to WE Investments LLC, L11, Sycamore Commercial Park, $253,800.

Michelle M. and Steven B. Osborn to David T. and Rebecca Bickell, 2 Taylor Park Loop, Little Rock. L1 B2, Taylor Park, $252,000.

Mary M. French and the French Family Trust to HBH Builders Inc., 1915 N. Harrison St., Little Rock. L11 B1, Englewood, $250,000.

Letha M. Griffith, Robert G. Parsons, and the Lillian Griffith Revocable Trust to Westminster Presbyterian Church, Robert McGough, Jerry Donaldson, Brenda Donaldson, and Lillian Scott, Pt N/2 NE 29-1S-12W, $250,000.

Wayne Moore Construction Co. to Charles W. and Linda L. Dearing, L21C, Mountain Terrace Estates Phase II, $241,462.

Mark and Julie M. Dolven to Ahmad Muqtasid, 318 Country Club Parkway, Maumelle. L943, The Country Club of Arkansas Phase XIV-A, $239,000.

Courtney E. and Thomas P. Haynie to Andrew P. and Lana M. Myers, 106 Calais Drive, Maumelle. L443, Country Club of Arkansas, $239,000.

Wayne Moore Construction Co. to Agnes Oslica, L21A, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase II, $237,022.

Jimmy D. Potts to Rhonda Ortiz, 16 Toulouse Court, Maumelle. L1271, The Quarters Phase 20- The Country Club of Arkansas PRD, $235,100.

Elizabeth L. White to Katherine B. Pipkin, 200 Cambridge Place Drive, Little Rock. L200, Cambridge Place HPR, $235,000.

Debbie S. Livingston (aka Debbie S. Rhodes) to Paul H. Merritt, L154 B48, Chenal Valley, $234,000.

Kale L. Ludwig to Austin L. and Mary A. Chatelain, 5200 S. Katillus Road, Little Rock. L25, Longleaf Cove, $231,450.

Kathleen R. McCarthy to HBH Builders Inc., 6803 Rockwood, Little Rock. L214, Kingwood Place, $230,000.

Rami Dajani to Courtney Demund and LaTabra Marshall, 3206 N. First St., Jacksonville. L1, Porter, $230,000.

Ison Creek Development LLC to River Rock Builders LLC, 18 Waterside Drive, Little Rock. L17, Village at Ison Creek Phase 1; Ls44 & 48, Village At Ison Creek Phase 2A, $228,700.

Wayne Moore Construction Co. to Brenda S. and Gerald D. Walker, 241 Mountain Terrace Circle, Maumelle. L32B, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase II, $227,900.

Debra and Kenneth Guenther Jr. to Jason and Jenna M. Guenther, 19519 John Zulpo Road, Bigelow. NE NE 4-3N-15W, $225,000.

William Franklin Clements III and the William Franklin Clements Jr. Trust to Myles Dillon and Lauren Elizabeth McDougal, 1120 N. Monroe St., Little Rock. L19 B3, Hillcrest, $225,000.

JHL Builders LLC to Shawn E. Bright Sr. and Felita L. Dunbar-Bright, 1624 Kanis Village Drive, Little Rock. L81R, Kanis Village Phase I Replat, $216,000.

Alison M. Maxwell (aka Alison M. Weatherford, Allison M. Weatherford) to Christina and Jimmy Potts, 108 Traveler Lane, Maumelle. L19, North Ridge, $210,000.

William E. Sundermann and the Sundermann Family Revocable Trust to Melissa and Donell V. Burkett Jr., 10 Brookfield Cove, Little Rock. L10, Brookfield Section A, $210,000.

Steven and Deandra Holcomb to Carolyn K. Summerlin, 13700 Woodbrook Drive, Little Rock. L26 B3, Cedar Ridge, $207,550.

Jerry and Jill Sullivan to Jim Pace Homes LLC, 6400 Brentwood Road, Cammack Village. L25, Cammack Woods, $205,000.

Tamitha M. Bryant Jackson to Katelyn Alexander, 1822 N. McKinley St., Little Rock. L1 B6, Forest Park, $205,000.

Kesco Inc. to Meera Inc., Ls7-9 B153, John Barrow, $200,000.

Richard C. Henderson to Randy Wright Builders LLC, 178 Deauville Drive, Maumelle. L183, Country Club of Arkansas, $200,000.

Alison and Nick Richardson to Victor S. Bulloch IV, 13700 Cooper Orbit Cove, Little Rock. NW SW 17-1N-13W, $200,000.

Paula J. and Charles R. Barnes III to Natalie Dickson, 53 Dove Creek Circle, North Little Rock. L1 B19, Overbrook, $199,500.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 30 Woodridge Drive, Little Rock. L59, Woodridge Estates, $196,692.

George L. and Barbara A. Brown (dec'd) to Kaylee A. Williams, Richard A. Johnson, and Angela J. Johnson, 10812 Short Marche Road, North Little Rock. SW NW 36-3N-13W, $195,250.

Jonathan M. and Tammi S. VanCleave to Benjamin J. Turner, 162 Lily Drive, Maumelle. L204, Waterside Replat, $195,000.

Jennifer A. Ballinger to Geoffrey B. and Leigh A. Chappell, 1810 Martha Drive, Little Rock. L225, Marlowe Manor Phase III, $186,000.

Anthony G. Fraterigo to Gray S. Carter, 2122 & 2124 Brownwood Road, Little Rock. L76, Queen Manor, $185,000.

Jacob and Teri Durham to Courtney B. Olson, 13005 Crabapple Place, Little Rock. L93, Otter Creek Community Phase I, $183,000.

Commissioner in Circuit to McCormick 105 LLC, 801 West A Ave., North Little Rock. L1 B73, Park Hill NLR, $179,900.

Justin P. and Sara A. Mauck (aka Sara A. Pillow) to Daniel Fresella, 4411 Arlington Drive, North Little Rock. L31 B17, Lakewood, $179,800.

Allison and Patricio Montiel to Macy A. and Nathan J. Eldredge, 1102 Loretta Lane, Little Rock. L112, Leawood Heights 2nd, $177,000.

Ashley D. and Paul R. Huenefeld III to Scott D. Tracy, 501 Parkway Place Drive, Little Rock. L14 B2, Parkway Place, $172,000.

Tracy S. Tash to Leslie A. Clement, 1441 Oak Shadows Drive, Sherwood. L11, Oak Shadows, $169,900.

Rebecca Hudson and the Doris M. Epperson Trust to Gary R. Epperson, 161 Diamond Pointe Drive, Maumelle. L179, West Pointe, $169,100.

Nationstar Reo Sub 1B LLC to Ally Jade Investments Inc., 36 Greenview Circle, Sherwood. L13 B7, Country Club Park, $167,675.

Emily A. Henderson (aka Emily Antoun) to Robert H. and Virginia A. Harshaw, 85 Warwick, Little Rock. L1 B1, Breckenridge 1st, $165,900.

Edwin and Karen Bridgeforth to Kevin Cooper, 47 Courtside Place, Little Rock. L1, Courthouse Place, $164,900.

Randi R. Chambers (aka Randi R. Gottsponer) to Valerie A. Hennessey, 9812 Merlot Lane, North Little Rock. L19, Villages at Merlot Lane, $164,000.

Christopher and Tamar Gerhart to Glen Woiteshek, 3765 Lakeview Road, North Little Rock. L64 B202, Park Hill NLR, $164,000.

Shakeylla S. Allen to Rosie Singleton and Derrick D. Starks, 31 Chateaus Lane, Little Rock. L41, Chateaus on Stagecoach Neighborhood, $160,000.

Alex T. Deering to Julie Nichols, 3106 Fern Cove South, Sherwood. L26 B2, Woodruff Creek, $159,500.

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, 12817 Saint Charles Blvd., Little Rock. L51, St. Charles, $159,500.

Rausch Coleman Mid Ark LLC to Melissa Farr, 7016 Ridgemist Lane, North Little Rock. L389, Trammel Estates Phase V, $157,634.

Cornelia A. Ellingson and the Cornelia Anne Ellingson Revocable Trust to Karen M. Dunne, L107, Riverside, $155,000.

Dennis W. and Kristen B. Hoover to Antoine M. Cahn, 1113 Old Charter Court, Little Rock. L314, Walnut Valley 2nd, $154,900.

Rausch Coleman Developer LLC and Rausch Coleman Mid Ark LLC to Regina and Charley Conway Jr., 12208 Firethorn Drive, North Little Rock. L427, Faulkner Crossing Phase 8, $154,335.

Kenneth S. and Jemcy H. Sasse to Chenjuan Zhou, 1108 N. Shackleford Road, Little Rock. L163, Walnut Valley, $152,000.

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