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A Waldron Middle School assistant principal was arrested Monday after a 16-year-old student told police he'd had a sexual relationship with her since early in the summer.

The Waldron Police Department had received an anonymous letter about the relationship, according to a news release.

Officers interviewed the student Monday. He told police "inappropriate photos" had been exchanged on several occasions between him and the administrator.

"The officers were able to obtain some evidence from the juvenile to support his statements," according to the news release.

The suspect was also interviewed Monday and admitted to having sexual contact with the boy on several occasions, according to the release.

"The suspect was taken into custody after that interview and transported to the Scott County jail, where she faces up to five counts of sexual assault first-degree and one count of tampering with evidence," according to the release.

Formal charges have yet to be filed in the case.

Scott County Sheriff Randy Shores said Jessica Williams was being held. He said Williams' bail was set at $100,000.

A previous version of the Waldron Middle School's website listed Williams as the school's assistant principal. Her name was no longer on the site as of Tuesday afternoon.

The Waldron Police Department is still investigating.


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Print Headline: Waldron assistant principal faces sexual-assault charges

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