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Scientific consensus

Mike Brown's Aug. 4 letter opposes the idea of man-made climate change without actually coming out and saying so. Science has never pretended to be the absolute last word on truth. It's about probabilities. When evidence stacks up and fits together, scientists regard the matter settled--for now. That is scientific consensus. It would take startling new evidence to shake the theories of gravity, plate tectonics, and evolution.

Man-made climate change theory has been developing since the 1890s, accumulating a lot of evidence. Of scores of national science academies in this country and the world, none dispute that man-made climate change is occurring. Brown wants to know where the 97 percent figure comes from. Here is one source:

One need not see every scientist as a holy bearer of truth in order to be convinced that the climate is changing and that human activities are the major cause. Those insinuating that tens of thousands of scientists across the world have sold out or are perpetuating a hoax need to use the good sense they were born with. How could such a gigantic conspiracy remain secret?

And who would be paying all those scientists? Between them, the solar and wind industries command a pittance of the funds available to Big Oil. As developing industries, renewables need their money for projects, not propaganda.

Follow the money, and it leads to the oil companies, which are known to have spent millions in their disinformation campaigns. Don't carry their water.



On reporting sources

Remember when Kellyanne Conway said her reporting sources were different from what the mainstream media was reporting? One commentator even remarked that he would like to know whom her sources were. It seems she was receiving her information from the Russian hackers, and I believe President Trump is involved in this caper up to his Pinocchio nose.

I further believe that many of the Republican members of Congress knew this was going on. My opinion is members of Congress were guilty by knowledge so they didn't report it to the FBI, which is the reason they allow this president, who seems determined to destroy our democracy, to get away with everything. The do-nothing Congress allows such things as reportedly violating the Emoluments Clause and embracing Putin.

The July 18 Democrat-Gazette had some disturbing articles in it. One was "U.S. easing 'dark money' rule." What could undermine our national security more? The other was "Foes of EPA proposal air concerns." Anyone who doesn't recognize that this administration and Congress are torpedoing the United States Constitution must have his/her head in the clouds.


Bella Vista

Dangerous to nation

I despair for our democracy. The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States protects freedom of the press. The president frequently and vehemently ridicules and disparages news agencies whose reports do not mimic his messages.

Reputable journalists provide the nation with facts that have been researched and confirmed by two reliable sources. The president doesn't like that. He wants to be the only source of information. He wants us to hear and believe only his self-serving words.

This is one of the most fundamental tactics used by those who seek autocratic power. The president refers to honorable news sources as "the enemy of the people." Joseph Stalin used this phrase during his purges and murders of millions of people when establishing his power in the Soviet Union. It was used by Chinese dictator Mao Zedong to discredit his critics and maintain power. Again, millions died.

I don't believe that the president would murder anyone, but he has expressed admiration for dictators who have been implicated in murder while he, both verbally and physically, has shoved long-standing allies of America out of his way.

Please refuse to accept from our president his disgraceful rude attacks on honest news sources. It is not amusing or entertaining. It is shameful and dangerous to our democracy.


Eureka Springs

Freedom not at issue

I could not believe the editorial in Friday's paper about health care. What part of health care do they not understand? What if we treated car insurance like they want to treat health care?

The example of the old man taking care of his grandchildren instead of paying for maternity leave or birth control--really? Who is going to pay for that old man's knee and hip replacements, plus several trips to the hospital for heart and stroke issues? Everyone needs to pay into health insurance because those young people that don't need it now will use it in the future for having children (yes, men have children too), illness, accidents, and ailments that start affecting our lives as we get older.

Wake up! This has nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with everyone being on board with health care.



Russian snowflakes

To those snowflakes who proclaim that they would "rather be a Russian than a Democrat": Go! By all means, move to Siberia or Moscow and experience life under a brutal dictator. No longer will you have to experience the discomfort of the First Amendment or discussing politics with your liberal neighbor, but you will love those Russian free-speech and gun laws. Plus, the vodka is cheap. Farewell, comrades.


Little Rock

Editorial on 08/09/2018

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