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Little Rock police documents show that a metal pole attached to a block of concrete appears to be the weapon used to hit and kill a 54-year-old man last summer.

Authorities found Allen Sims dead next to a brick wall near an alley between Arch and Gaines streets just south of West 24th Street on the evening of Aug. 12, according to an initial news release from the city’s Police Department.

Sims, covered in blood, had severe head trauma and was found lying underneath a mattress, according to a Little Rock Police Department investigative case file that reveals new details on his death.

The case file also reveals evidence against 21-year-old Dupree Boatner, who has been arrested in Sims’ death and faces one count of capital murder in the homicide, online court records show.

Boatner’s aunt, Shamitra Glover, told police the 21-year-old man arrived at her Arch Street house that night intoxicated, covered in blood and asking to use her cellphone, according to a summary of the case file. She also reported Boatner said three or four Blood and Crip gang members jumped him, but then said he was jumped by a few Crip gang members. Then, Boatner said he was involved in a fight with a man who owed him money, Glover told authorities.

The aunt also reported that Boatner fled her residence as officers arrived at the scene. The Arch Street residence is less than two blocks from where Sims’ body was found, police said.

Authorities also spoke with Boatner’s 15-year-old cousin. The teenager said Boatner arrived at their residence and she heard her mother ask Boatner why he had blood on him, according to the case file.

Boatner, according to the file, said he had just fought four people “because a man owed him some money.”

According to the teenager, Boatner said “the man was trying to strangle me so I hit him with a 2x4,” the case file says.

During the investigation, the case file says, authorities found a metal pole with a block of concrete at its base near Sims’ body.

“This pole was observed as a metal fence post and it appeared to have been used to strike and kill the victim,” according to a summary of the case file. “The pole also had apparent blood and hair on the concrete portion which is believed to be the victim’s.”

Hours after police found the body, Boatner was taken into custody at his aunt’s Arch Street residence, according to a police report. Police said a detective had arrived back at the residence, and Glover said Boatner was on the porch.

Boatner told authorities he wanted to talk about the man found dead in the field, according to the case file.

“[Boatner] stated he had just showered and changed clothes but did not advise where he showered at,” according to the case file summary.

Yet, Boatner declined to speak with police and said he wanted to talk with his lawyer, according to the case file. Authorities, according to the file, also found human blood on Boatner’s shoes.

A mental evaluation has been ordered by the state for Boatner, who is being held at the Pulaski County jail in lieu of a $500,000 bond.


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