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DEAR READERS: Today's Sound Off is about waiting even though you have an appointment:

"Since when is it OK to have an appointment at 10 a.m. and not get in until 11:30 a.m.? There are no emergencies for these people; they just seem to be overbooking. How do your readers feel about this?"

-- Liz V. in San Antonio

I have friends who'll wait no more than 15 minutes at an appointment, then leave. Readers, what do you do?

DEAR HELOISE: Got an old baby bathtub? There are still some great uses for it:

• It makes a wonderful pet bathtub for small animals.

• I take mine camping so I can wash dishes in it.

• My husband fills it with warm, soapy water and soaks his feet in it.

• My sister, a clothing designer, uses hers to dye fabric.

-- Helen K., Michigan

DEAR HELOISE: After reading Rita's idea about a reward message for returning a lost cellphone, I thought of another idea: I downloaded a free doodle app to my phone and wrote on my screen photo: "If found call (I put in my husband's phone number). Reward for return of phone." This way, if someone finds my phone, he or she will have my information without unlocking my phone.

-- An Avid Reader, Florida

DEAR HELOISE: Living out in the country, I often take long walks, and I notice stones along the road. Some have interesting markings; others are a pretty color. I started to collect these stones and found uses for them. I put them in the bottom of vases, about 3 inches deep, fill with water and put cut flowers in the vase. This not only keeps the vase from tipping over, but helps to hold the flowers in place. I fill glass containers with these stones and display them on a table in my dining room.

-- Kelly W., Santa Fe, N.M.

DEAR HELOISE: I read in your column about folks who dread the arrival of house guests at their vacation home. Here are ideas from someone who has experience with this:

• Always ask your guests to bring their own sheets and towels (and take those items home with them).

• Plan easy meals where everyone cooks (even the kids).

• Ask your guests to plan something special as entertainment, either at home or by taking you out.

-- Susan G., New York.

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