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story.lead_photo.caption YEKWON SUNWOO — At 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville will host a concert by South Korean Yekwon Sunwoo, the Gold Medalist in the 15th Annual Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. The Chicago Tribune heralds the competitors in this prestigious event as the “World’s Greatest Pianists!” Sunwoo began learning piano at age 8, earned his bachelor’s degree at the Curtis Institute of Music and his master’s at The Juilliard School. $50 ($40/members).


The Head -- 9 p.m., with The Theta Theorem, and Drawing Blanks. Backspace, Fayetteville. $5.

DEVILDRIVER — Heavy metal group Devildriver will perform Tuesday at George’s Majestic Lounge joined by 36 Crazyfists, Cane Hill, Uncured, and Tetrarch (pictured). The up-and-comers Tetrarch feature Diamond Rowe — an uber-talented guitar goddess who is paving the way for women of color in the modern metal industry. Their sound blends intense metalcore riffage and driving drums with the dark vibes and haunting choruses of hooky modern hard rock. 6:30 p.m. $22.
TRISTEN — A guest at last year’s On the Map Festival, Nashville indie pop artist Tristen returns to Fayetteville with a show at 9 p.m. Thursday at Stage Eighteen. Her knack for lashing exceptional melodies to her singularly poetic lyrics shines again in her third album “Sneaker Waves,” released July 7. Tristen’s lush, expertly crafted arrangements win audiences with her powerful stage presence — performances that channel the rock ’n’ roll eclecticism of David Bowie and the creative prowess of Dolly Parton. $12.

First Friday -- with Sons of Otis Malone, Bentonville Square.

Red Oak Ruse -- 8 p.m., Black Apple Crossing, Springdale.

Brandon Butler Band -- 10 p.m., Choctaw Casino, Pocola, Okla.

Melody Pond -- 7:30 p.m., Dickson Street Pub, Fayetteville.

Emily Rowland -- 9 p.m., Emma Ave Bar & Tap, Springdale.

JJ Taylor -- Foghorn's on Green Acres, Fayetteville.

Paper Jam Band -- Foghorn's, Rogers.

Chicken Pot Pie Band -- Foghorn's, Springdale.

Goose -- 10 p.m.; Jesse Dean & Co. at 6. George's Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville. $10.

Wes Hart -- JJ's Grill, Bella Vista.

Brothers Beckham -- JJ's Grill, Dickson Street.

Maud Crawford -- JJ's Grill, Fayetteville.

Jason Campbell -- JJ's Grill, Fort Smith.

Whiskey Grin -- JJ's Grill, Rogers.

DeFrance -- Kingfish, Fayetteville.

Ghost Cities -- 8 p.m., with Takes the Cake. Nomads Music Lounge, Fayetteville.

Justin Kaleb Driggers -- 8 p.m., The Odd Soul, Springdale.

Blew Reed & the Flatheads -- 9 p.m., Shirley's Bar, Springdale.

Jesse Aycock -- with Ben Jaman, and Lauren Barth. Smoke & Barrel Tavern, Fayetteville.

Roast Battle League #3 -- 8:30 p.m. with Comedians NWA. Stage Eighteen, Fayetteville. $8.

412 West -- 7 p.m., Tontitown Winery, Tontitown.

Brad Paisley -- 7 p.m., with Dustin Lynch, Chase Bryant, and Lindsay Ell. Walmart AMP, Rogers. $35-$68.50.


Macemouth -- 9 p.m., with Revenge Bodies, The Wirms, and Number Stations. Backspace, Fayetteville. $5.

Holy Smokes -- 8 p.m., with Camp Life. Black Apple Crossing, Springdale.

The Funk Factory -- 10 p.m., Choctaw Casino, Pocola, Okla.

Daniel Jordan -- 7:30 p.m., Dickson Street Pub, Fayetteville.

Josh McClard Band -- Foghorn's on Green Acres, Fayetteville.

Screendoor Serenade -- Foghorn's on W. 15th, Fayetteville.

Mark Shields & Good Company -- Foghorn's, Rogers.

Amanda Rey -- Foghorn's, Springdale.

Jimmy Herring and The Invisible Whip -- 9 p.m., George's Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville. $25.

Whiskey Grin -- JJ's Grill, Bella Vista.

Dr. Nola & the Soul Shakers -- JJ's Grill, Dickson Street.

Mary Heather & the Sinners -- JJ's Grill, Fayetteville.

Gary Hutchinson -- JJ's Grill, Fort Smith.

The Odds -- JJ's Grill, Rogers.

Blew Reed & the Flatheads -- 6 p.m., Joe's Italian Grill, Bentonville.

Restless Natives -- 8 p.m., with Jack Hill. Meteor Guitar Gallery, Bentonville. $10.

Youth Pastor -- with Dazz & Brie. Smoke & Barrel Tavern, Fayetteville. $5.

There Ain't No More: Death of a Folk Singer -- with Willi Carlisle. Stage Eighteen, Fayetteville.

Left of Center -- 7 p.m., Tontitown Winery, Tontitown.


Canadian Waves -- 9 p.m., with Molasses Disaster, and The She. Backspace, Fayetteville. $5.

In By Ten -- 7 p.m., Choctaw Casino, Pocola, Okla.

She's Us -- 1 p.m., Terra Studios, Durham.


Eric Miller -- JJ's Grill, Bella Vista.

Michael Cooper -- JJ's Grill, Dickson Street.

Brett & Terri -- JJ's Grill, Fayetteville.

Chicken Pot Pie -- JJ's Grill, Fort Smith.

Rick Dodson -- JJ's Grill, Rogers.

Public Domain -- Smoke & Barrel Tavern, Fayetteville.


Sons of Otis Malone -- 7 p.m., 28 Springs, Siloam Springs.

Devildriver -- 6:30 p.m., with 36 Crazyfists, Cane Hill, Uncured, and Tetrarch. George's Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville. $22.

Emily Rowland -- JJ's Grill, Bella Vista.

Randall Shreve -- JJ's Grill, Dickson Street.

John Silva -- JJ's Grill, Fayetteville.

Jeff Fox -- JJ's Grill, Fort Smith.

Tisdale & Butler -- JJ's Grill, Rogers.

Jed Clampit -- 7 p.m., Pesto Cafe, Fayetteville.


Yekwon Sunwoo -- 7 p.m. Van Cliburn Concert Series, Crystal Bridges Museum, Bentonville. $50.

Pinetop Renegades -- Foghorn's, Rogers.

Jeff Fox -- JJ's Grill, Bella Vista.

Photosphere -- JJ's Grill, Dickson Street.

Tony Alvarez -- JJ's Grill, Fayetteville.

Jocko -- JJ's Grill, Fort Smith.

Russ Hutchison -- JJ's Grill, Rogers.


Branford Marsalis -- 7:30 p.m., ArcBest Performing Arts Center, Fort Smith. $32-$35.

Libby Starks & Bandit Band -- 7 p.m., Choctaw Casino, Pocola, Okla.

Morgan Squared Duo -- Foghorn's on Green Acres, Fayetteville.

Jason Plumlee -- Foghorn's on W. 15th, Fayetteville.

Typsy Gypsy -- Foghorn's, Rogers.

Coverblind -- Foghorn's, Springdale.

American Aquarium -- 8:30 p.m., with Matthew Ryan. George's Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville. $15.

Bob Schneider -- with Maximum Overdrive. JJ's Beer Garden and Brewing, Fayetteville.

Voxana -- Kingfish, Fayetteville.

Tristen -- 9 p.m., with Isaac Alexander. Stage Eighteen, Fayetteville. $12.

Please send info about your upcoming concerts and events to Jocelyn.

-- Jocelyn Murphy

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