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LOWELL -- Plans for a food truck court on South Bloomington Avenue finally got the green light on Tuesday.

The Planning Commission approved the project that will bring eight food trucks to 405 S. Bloomington. Resident Joe Rheingans has taken his idea for a food truck court in the light industrial part of town to the commission a few times since February.

Rheingans previously described the mobile vendor court as a place where food truck restaurants could get their permanent utilities and conduct business in a park-like setting. He said he wanted to create a good, quality place where people can sit at picnic tables and eat together.

The proposed location will have eight spaces for food trucks.

Aldermen and Mayor Eldon Long previously voiced support for the idea.

James Milner, Planning Commission chairman, moved that the plans be approved with a few alterations. The commission approved on the basis that trash compacting for both zones of the property, light industrial and commercial, be resolved and that Rheingans follow code enforcement for creating entrances to the court.

Landscaping, lighting, parking and the construction of a detention pond were also discussed.

Commissioners said the project had already shown improvement in meeting Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

Rheingans said the project will be completed in phases and the north side of the property will be first.

NW News on 10/17/2017

Print Headline: Food truck court plans approved

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