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‘Dossier’ coverage should

focus on Clinton

How many Democrat-Gazette above-the-fold, front page articles were headlined to plant in the readers’ minds a link between Trump and Russia in collusion to steal the presidency?

The truth has finally come to light that it was Hillary Clinton’s campaign that was involved with Russia and Russians. But that explosive news is hidden in a fog of rhetoric on lightly read pages such as 3A or 6A. The headline itself of the Oct. 26 article on Page 3A tells nothing about Clinton’s $9 million purchase of hoax stories about Trump and Russia.

A headline reader would learn absolutely nothing about this Clinton campaign scandal. It could easily be understood to be a story of a Trump outburst against his opponents. The headline would have been more forthright if it has said “Clinton bought hoax Trump “dossier,” using the same or less headline space. There was no exploration of Obama administration’s FBI and director of national intelligence, Clapper, being involved in passing the Russian-linked fake anti-Trump “dossier” along to influence the election or to destroy Trump after he was elected. The substance of the entire article was a rehash of accusations against Trump and his associates instead of a digging-in to the criminality of this Clinton campaign activity. The great bulk of the American press, print and electronic, seem determined to make this a one- or two-day story and then forget it with the excuse being that it’s just a Fox News promo for Trump. The power insiders of press, politics, academia, high society, law, business and religion are determined to get rid of Trump, this outsider threat to their reigns.

Here’s this criminal path: (1) Hillary buys the Fusion “dossier,” and presents it to Obama’s FBI and national intelligence advisor. (2) FBI requests warrants for surveillance of Trump and his campaign. (3) Warrants are granted and surveillance proceeds. Nixon was a kindergarten schemer compared to those people.

Even considering the fact that most (all?) of the A section national and foreign news articles come from the left-wing AP, or left-wing New York Times, or left-wing Washington Post, it seems the only statewide Arkansas newspaper could write headlines that stick closer to the suppressed truths, included in disguise, in those articles.



Column reflects

ignorance of situation

Mike Masterson’s Nov. 7 column was wrong on many levels.

First, he said the NFL players protesting during the National Anthem disparages millions of veterans, which cannot be further from the truth. The original protest was against the epidemic of unarmed black males being shot by police during the last few years with many being caught on camera. Trump made it political … and called for them to be fired. They were not in any way protesting veterans and somehow they are SOBS, and yet the white nationalists and Nazis in Charlottesville “some very fine people on both sides ” he refused to criticize.

Then Masterson goes on to criticize voters for supporting Bernie Sanders and democratic socialism, calling it “proven tyranny of socialism.” Somehow he is very ignorant of the fact that most European countries are democratic socialists and have standards of living much higher than the U.S. For examples of higher living standards: education, health care, salaries, longer life spans, shorter work weeks, more vacation time, less stress, etc.

And Masterson apparently does not keep up with the news when he said “they are protesting the injustices they say exist in the justice system of our nation and perhaps something else of which I’m unaware.” Talk about having your head hidden in the sand and not being knowledgeable of the inequalities in our justice system. He is not worthy of a column. Maybe he should go to work for the Republican channel (Fox) and save his so-called outrage for them.


Bella Vista

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