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Bridenstine at head of NASA? Please say no

Ralph Ellis got it right in his letter of Oct. 27 ["Trump appointees ready to destroy government"]. What is going on is a circus of such magnitude that Barnam & Bailey bowed out. The circus Trump has been the star of for the past year is only the distraction required to gut the foundations we all depend on. All the cabinet heads appear intent on destroying the intended purpose of their respective departments.

The new pick to head NASA is Rep. Jim Bridenstine. Bridenstine has no scientific training, opposes research funding and parrots discredited climate denial myths. Most previous NASA chiefs have been scientists or astronauts. NASA has never been led by a member of Congress in its 60-year history. To politicize this independent agency is just wrong.

I believe our senators, Cotton And Boozman, have confirmed every disastorous department head so far. Please call them and request they vote no on Bridenstine to head NASA.

The appointment of Bridenstine to this important position would be like going to the dentist for a heart transplant.

Trudi Rust


The usual checklist for the aftermath

Well, we've had yet another mass shooting, this time in rural Texas. Now, we're seeing the typical response:

• Express shock that this would happen in such a place. Check.

• Express condolences for the victims and their families. Check.

• Pray for the victims and their families. Check.

• Hold a moment of silence for the victims. Check.

• Puzzle over why the gunman did what he did. Check.

• Make excuses for why we don't have a gun problem. Check.

• Do absolutely nothing to address the problem of gun violence. Check.

Steve Imhoff


Commentary on 11/08/2017

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