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Crosstown rivalry great for whole community

It was a pleasure to watch the Bentonville Tigers and Bentonville West Wolverines football teams play for the 7A West Conference Championship this past Friday evening. The mayors from Bentonville, Centerton and Bella Vista were acknowledged as honorary captains prior to the game. The stands were full an hour prior to opening kickoff and excitement was in the air in Bentonville, Arkansas. Tied at halftime, the game was not decided until late in the 4th quarter.

Both schools should be proud of their accomplishments, especially the West team, playing in only its second year. The stadium was full and additional seating was brought in so everyone who showed up could watch the game. The students were loud. The players and coaches were prepared and proud. The Bentonville West band halftime performance was excellent. The Tiger band had no seats and did not seem to care as they supported the Tigers the entire evening, standing, moving, and playing in the end zone.

The city of Bentonville should be proud of what it has accomplished. Adding a new high school to a city and neighboring area is not an easy task to accomplish, however, the community and leadership have been successful providing additional opportunities for students in sports, band and many other areas.

Congratulations to the community and leaders of the area concerning adding a second high school when it was needed. For all the right reasons, our community added the new school and the results are phenomenal in many ways. Well done!



Cartoon image creates

deception about abortions

The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette sank to a new low Wednesday with the publication of an editorial page cartoon showing a pregnant woman walking into a Planned Parenthood office. The cartoon shows a woman in a full-term (38 weeks) pregnancy profile with the fetus in a dropped pre-birth position.

In the United States, 91.4 percent of abortions occur before 13 weeks. In the rare instance of extenuating circumstances such as a risk of death to the mother, fetuses not yet viable on their own (before 20 weeks) might be aborted, but any fetus as far along as depicted in this cartoon would be delivered live and if unwanted, put up for adoption.

Further, abortion services constitute only 3 percent of Planned Parenthood’s services.

Everything about this cartoon is a lie meant to push buttons for those ignorant enough to believe that the image speaks to any semblance of truth. But then, why am I surprised? This is typical of the editorial thrust of this newspaper.


West Fork

Print Headline: NWA LETTERS

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