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A vote for a 'Moron District' in downtown Fayetteville

Uptown District, Commerce District (that's "industrial park to the unwashed masses), Midtown District, ad nausea.

The city officials who thought up (or copied) this nonsense should have been schooled in Fayetteville's culture of unpretentiousness. Until this farce is corrected, I've got another one for City Hall ... the Moron District.

Dave Johnson


Cotton, Senate provide a victory to Wall Street

Recently Wall Street won big as the Senate voted to roll back regulations allowing consumers to sue their banks and other large financial institutions. This vote is a major rebuke of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The bureau allowed customers and millions of Americans to file, or join a lawsuit to file, to press their complaints. Wall Street won and ordinary people lost.

A photo showed Tom Cotton voting in favor of the bill dressed in a tuxedo! It's rumored he was working as a waiter at a Koch brothers dinner, but they gave him time off to go vote for their interests.

Analysis by the Senate Budget Committee staff shows the proposed GOP budget measure could result in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Head Start and Pell Grants. Will Tommy boy stay focused on the middle class and resist pressure to provide a windfall for the wealthiest? Tommy boy needs to stand up for Arkansas, not Wall Street and the Koch brothers.

Linda Farrell

Bella Vista

Commentary on 11/04/2017

Print Headline: A vote for a 'Moron District' in downtown Fayetteville

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