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story.lead_photo.caption Kenneth Wayne Lee - Photo by Pulaski County sheriff's office

A deadly fight outside a Little Rock motorcycle club last month started when the suspect confronted the 45-year-old victim about wanting to sleep with his wife, according to court documents.

Kenneth Wayne Lee, 29, is accused of fatally stabbing Clyde Hatchett Jr. last month outside the Big Dawg Motorcycle Club, located on Asher Avenue near South Elm Street, according to the court documents, which reveal new details on the killing and outline evidence against Lee.

Lee faces one count of first-degree murder. According to the documents, Lee told police he did not stab the victim.

Officers were called to 4113 Asher Ave. in the early morning hours of Nov. 18 for a report of a person being hit by a vehicle, according to a Police Department statement. While en route, the officers received another report that a woman had run over a man, the statement said.

Police arrived and found Hatchett, who had a large amount of blood around him, near a Dodge Caravan, the statement said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Lakesha Reed, who said she is a relative of Hatchett's, told police in an interview that she saw the victim fighting with a group of people outside the club, according to an affidavit.

Reed said she witnessed a person dressed in red and white stabbing Hatchett, and that she was about 10 feet from them when she witnessed the stabbing, according to the document.

Later on, in a separate interview, Reed identified Lee in a photo lineup as the assailant, according to the documents.

"Ms. Reed demonstrated that Mr. Lee had a knife in his hand, with his arm down by his side and stated that he was moving his arm back and forth, into Mr. [Hatchett's] body," according to the court documents.

The affidavit said Reed told detectives that she had also seen numerous pictures of Lee on social media.

Speaking to police hours after the incident, Lee said he did not stab Hatchett but had confronted the victim "about wanting to sleep with his wife," according to the affidavit.

Lee said Hatchett's wife told him that "no one wants to sleep with your ugly a** wife," according to the affidavit. Lee said he "cussed" her out and Hatchett hit him in the face, according to the documents.

A fight began and Lee told police it was broken up multiple times before he found Hatchett on the ground, the affidavit said. Lee told authorities he "picked the victim up and took him to the van."

Lee said he put the man into the vehicle but the victim fell out, according to the documents. Then, Hatchett's wife backed up and ran over her husband, according to Lee.

"[Lee] advised that he attempted to pick the victim up a second time, and the victim's wife ran over both of them with the van," the affidavit said.

He also told police that "he had a gun and that if he wanted to kill someone, he would have shot them," according to the affidavit.

Police noted in the affidavit that Lee wore a red shirt during the interview, but had taken off a pair of white pants, which were in the room.

"The white pants had a large amount of apparent blood on them," according to the affidavit.

Court documents said Hatchett died of stab wounds and not from being run over by a vehicle.

Authorities also spoke with the victim's wife, 35-year-old Kenia Hatchett. The affidavit said Kenia Hatchett told police that she had been involved in an "altercation" with people at the Big Dawgs Motorcycle Club on the night of the fight.

According to the affidavit, the couple left and went to other clubs.

Kenia Hatchett said "she noticed that she had lost a vest patch and they returned back to Big Dawgs Motorcycle Club to see if her patch was there," according to the affidavit.

She told police that as they were leaving, Lee approached them and confronted her husband "about wanting to sleep with his wife," according to the affidavit.

Kenia Hatchett told police Lee punched her husband and several people "became involved in the fight." She reported being hit several times, and told authorities she got in her van and tried to leave.

"She advised that she thought that Mr. Hatchett would get into the vehicle and they would leave together," according to the court documents. In the interview, Kenia Hatchett told authorities she did not realize her husband was unconscious and underneath the van.

During the Nov. 20 interview, Kenia Hatchett had a swollen eye, cuts on her face and a cut on top of her head that required staples, police noted in the affidavit. Police said she had been taken to a hospital after the fight.

Police also spoke with Jerod Britton, 38, who said he pulled into the parking lot when the club was letting out, and stated that several fights broke out on the parking lot outside the club, according to the affidavit.

Britton told authorities that one of the fights was between Clyde Hatchett and Lee, who he knew as "Slick Pulla," according to the documents. The affidavit said Britton identified Lee in a photo lineup as the person fighting Hatchett.

Britton said that "while he was on scene, Mr. Lee was the only subject fighting with Mr. Hatchett," according to the affidavit. He also told police that Lee was wearing a red shirt, white pants and a Big Dawgs Motorcycle Club vest.

Lee was listed on the Pulaski County jail inmate roster Sunday. His bail has been set at $750,000, according to the jail's website.


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