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Whoopie for tax cut!

Oh, wow, a great tax cut is just a couple of votes away to making America great again(?).

Can't wait to pay more taxes, have Medicare gutted, the rich will get richer and that will flow down to the shop floor (LOL) and Obamacare will be trashed so that you won't have health care, and hospitals and doctors will have to close their doors. Wow. Can it get even better?

Wish I'd voted for this disgrace so I'd enjoy shooting myself in the foot. Woop, woop!


Pine Bluff

Pick safety, not profit

I'm tired of the gun lobby using its influence in our government to make sure profits are put above public safety. Their Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill is being pushed through Congress this week. This bill removes states' rights, while forcing states to recognize permits, sometimes with no standards, from other states. This makes it easy for people with dangerous histories and no training to carry hidden, loaded guns across the country.

After the tragic mass shootings in Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Congress finally acted and introduced the "Fix NICS Act," a bipartisan bill that would help fill some of the cracks in our country's criminal background check system. But now, House Republicans have hijacked the bill and attached the dangerous Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill to force it through Congress. This is a poison pill that sacrifices public safety by undermining state gun laws across the country. It is outrageous and unacceptable to combine these two bills.

Congress needs to hear from us today! You can text DANGEROUS to 64433 to contact Rep. French Hill or other members of Congress. Tell him to reject Concealed Carry Reciprocity, and allow a clean vote on the Fix NICS Act.

And if you want to do more to make your voice heard, you can join our Arkansas chapter of Moms Demand Action; text READY to 64433 to get involved.



Enjoy state's beauty

As an Army brat I've seen 90 percent of our world. But living in Northwest Arkansas in the Ozark foothills gives me pleasure beyond words.

The beauty and innocence of the land makes life worth living ... to sit on my porch as the dawn appears with a hot cup of coffee, my faithful dog on one side and kitty cat on the other side--what more could I ask or expect from life?

Beyond my porch and out in the world there are major problems. Yet my armor of defense is strong, all due to my moments of beauty which greet me every day from my porch.

We residents of Arkansas are so fortunate to reside in our beautiful natural state. If you do not know what I'm saying, just step outside your home in the morning as the sun is about to appear and you will set up your day to be perfect!

A little secret: Enjoy Arkansas' beauty because it's here to stay.



Fundamental dangers

I believe religious fundamentalism is a great and powerful evil and always has been, whether Christian, Muslim, or any religion. The evil often includes violence, but more often occurs as attempted political or social control.

It is currently a prominent wing of the Republican Party.

Religious bigotry is the core of fundamentalism. Its spores spread bigotry to infect all areas of human interaction, including that between male and female.

Females may be loved and valued but are relegated to a lesser status. The physically stronger male is expected to be sexually aggressive. The dangerously wily female must suppress her sexuality and defend not only her morality, but also his. Her right to freedom from sexual intimidation or assault, short of rape, is a minor consideration. If she gets pregnant, the fetus belongs to the religion's god--a male.

A female who expresses her sexuality is a temptress if nothing happens or a slut if it does. If she rejects the double standard on principle, she might be a liberal, which is worse.

The fundamentalist judge and alleged sexual creep in Alabama, our president who bragged about sexual predation then claimed to be only a liar, former presidents, other politicians and so many other men were, are being and will be snared by temptresses. Or, in the case of our president, for the gullible and religious fanatics, only fantasize about being so snared.

For religious right-wing Republicans in Alabama, an insufficiently conservative senator would be the greatest evil.



Reciprocity in the law

The state of California issued my marriage license and I am considered married in all 50 states. I am authorized to drive in all 50 states using my driver's license issued by the state of Arkansas. Indeed, federal law mandates that all contracts and other legal documents issued in one state be fully recognized by the others.

Why then do some states refuse to accept my Arkansas-issued concealed-carry permit? There is a bill in Congress right now to correct this situation and I urge my representatives to support it.



Maybe a headband ...

Maybe now that the interim athletic director got that $5,000 raise, she can afford to get her hair styled so it's not falling in her face during those TV press conferences.



Editorial on 12/06/2017

Print Headline: Letters

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