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Gee, thanks, America

We would like to sincerely thank congressional Republicans like French Hill and Tom Cotton. "Fiscal conservatism" was always a problem for us. Why? Because we like it when you are in our debt. Your Treasury bonds are a good economic and political investment. That's why we love your new tax cuts. You are going to owe us another trillion dollars in a few short years. Just think of the possibilities!

But wait, there's more. I know you hope that your "job creators" will open new factories in America and rebuild your crumbling infrastructure. Wrong. Why, it was only last month that your President Trump announced over $250 billion of new American business investments in our country. Business goes where business is booming. Our economy grew by 6.8 percent in 2017. Where would you want your 401(k) invested?

And the more your dollars grow our economy, the more Treasury bonds we can buy. Ah ... the art of the deal.

Sincerely yours, The People's Republic of China.

P.S. Your grandchildren will be working for us.


Little Rock

Bore is back in town

It looks like the Bore on Christmas is back. His first incarnation was a fired and former Fox TV host who chastened folks for not saying Merry Crispness or something similar to it.

Then his presidential holiness himself got into the act and has been promising folks that he will be sure Happy Kris Moose gets mentioned ad nauseam whenever he struts about the place.

And now a hoax from Christmas past arises--the old fake tale of an elementary student being given detention for uttering Merry Christmas to a mean old atheist teacher. The culprit--none other than the paper's beloved comic strip character Zack Hill.

Once again the Bore on Christmas rattles his chains in humbuggery to scare the small-minded into wishing others holiday cheer in the approved and especially rigid, unfriendly manner he prefers.

Happy Holy Daze. And a sack of coal to the Bore on Christmas who continues to purvey hoaxes on the innocent.


Little Rock

What was surprising

It was not surprising that Donald Trump took the opportunity to try and disparage one of his political enemies at what should have been a solemn and respectful occasion honoring the contributions of the Navaho code-talkers to the defense of our country.

It was not surprising that while standing before a portrait of Andrew Jackson he used the name of Pocahontas and seemed clueless that he was being insensitive in an attempt to be funny.

What was truly surprising was that he forgot to mention his innumerable accomplishments (electoral college win, stock market, economy, yada, yada, yada ...).



Timing and the truth

I've heard Roy Moore's chief defenders argue: Why did the accusers wait so long to come forward?--dismissing their accusations as purely political. Really?

Not to be outdone, this is joined by a second defense that defies any sense of reason by an evolved human, and it proclaims, "I'd rather vote for a suspected pedophile than a Democrat."

There you have it.

The first argument can be debunked while the second doesn't merit a response. If you're part of T. Rump's unevolved base of supporters, these arguments hold water.

For the rest of us, we have to accept the uncomfortable fact that we live among these troglodytes whose world glorifies misogyny, chauvinism, sexual abuse, arrogance and bald-faced lying.

Fact: Abused women have a history of internalizing the pain caused by the abuse and thus allowing it to simmer in silence. Their abusers are typically men of greater power and influence who would be more than capable to add insult to injury if their victims ever came forward with a complaint.

But a sexually abused woman never forgets the moment and circumstances surrounding her abuse. Never! If it was 10 minutes ago or a half-century, it doesn't alter their memory. Their pain. Their damaged life. Why? Because the truth is immutable. How long in time it takes to be revealed is moot.

Truth is truth. Now and forever.


Little Rock

Disservice to America

The U.S. Senate and specifically our senators should be ashamed of the Senate-passed tax bill.

The bill is clearly a ruse to benefit the wealthy cloaked as a job-creation bill using the same old tired and false "trickle-down economics." Corporations and the wealthy can afford to expand businesses in this day of extremely low interest rates but choose not to because of lack of demand. Demand is driven by consumers, not businesses.

It seems our senators do the bidding of their benefactors instead of middle America. The national debt will be serviced by the children of the middle class. How shameful to leave such a burden so a few can count their gold.

We should not forget this insult when election time comes for these elected representatives and senators.



Just a really good guy

That the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette would take so much space in Sunday's edition to laud one man is testimony that occasionally one can graduate from Harvard without becoming a prig or a martinet.

Judge G. Thomas Eisele was just a really good guy and wasn't all shot in the fanny with his Ivy League degree.

Great guy. Great Sigma Chi.


Little Rock

Editorial on 12/05/2017

Print Headline: Letters

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