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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; dates recorded 10/30-11/3:

Arkansas Neuro-Spine Center LLC to Kanis Medical LLC and Central Properties Inc., 9101 Kanis Road, Little Rock. L1, Kanis Commercial, $7,500,000.

Lake Hamilton Corp to LRMU, LP, Ls1-3 B8 & Ls5-6 B7, Original City of Little Rock, $5,700,000.

Deltic Timber Corp to Varr West LLC, 25 Rahling Circle, Little Rock. L1A, L2, Tract A & Tract C, The Village at Rahling Road, $4,000,000.

Little Rock Enterprises I LLC; Little Rock Enterprises II LLC; Little Rock Enterprises V LLC; Little Rock Enterprises IX LLC; Little Rock Enterprises VI LLC; Little Rock Enterprises III LLC; Little Rock Enterprises VII LLC; Little Rock Enterprises VIII LLC; Little Rock Enterprises IV LLC to Forest Park Partners LLC, 1814 N Harrison St. [Other Associated Address(es)], Little Rock. Ls1-7 & 9-10 B20, Mountain Park; L4 B2, Englewood, $1,727,000.

Magna Six Investments LLC to Lagniappe Holdings LLC, L6R1 B5, North Shore Business Park, $1,450,000.

Commissioner in Circuit to Bank of Little Rock, L7, D And B Commercial Park, $900,000.

CAC Properties LLC to Maly Group LLC, SW SE 36-3N-13W, $784,540.

Charles M. and Mary A. Bower to Matthew D. and Andrea R. Carlisle, 1605 Thompson Lane, Little Rock. W/2 NE 32-2N-14W, $660,000.

Jamie S. and Roger C. Coburn Sr and The Coburn Family Trust to Bryan W. Duke and The Otium TruSt., L2 B91, Chenal Valley, $655,000.

Carey and Elizabeth A. Guidry to John W. Dickens, L40 B83, Chenal Valley, $585,000.

River Rock Builders LLC to Jeremiah D. and Emily M. Wood, Ls9-10 B1, Hillcrest, $580,000.

Kristin C. and C. Wayne Lyle to Joseph A. and Crystal G. Gallegos, 123 Noyant Drive, Little Rock. L101 B36, Chenal Valley, $552,000.

Cynthia T. Staley to Ricky D. and Annette P. Meador, L1, Lakewood Park, $528,500.

Jonathan and Lisa Piechocki to William M. and Katherine E. Lewis, 39 El Dorado, Little Rock. L10 B10, Pleasant Valley, $474,000.

Pixel Properties LLC to Patricia A. Kane, 4105 Stoneview Court, Little Rock. L79, Longlea Manor, $435,000.

Carla R. Greene and The Carla R. Greene Living Trust to Nabil O. and Othan N. Ahmad, 5 Latour, Little Rock. L11 B37, Chenal Valley, $425,000.

Bullwinkle LLC to KHC Design Inc., Ls32-33, 42 & 51-52, Belles Fleurs, $390,500.

Homayoun Hamidian and The Maria D. Beristain-Flores to Alloplastic Reconstruction Inc., 3924 W. Markham St., Little Rock. Ls14-15 B4, Riffel And Rhoton's Ridgeland, $389,000.

Lynette M. and Fred H. Nelson to Roland E. Beard, 2200 S. Arch St., Little Rock. Ls11-12 B5, Weldon E. Wright, $370,000.

Deborah J. and Nathan S. Gay Sr. to Sylas B. and Courtney N. Robinson, 8 Grayan Court, Little Rock. L4 B25, Chenal Valley, $365,000.

Renaissance Homes Inc., to Timothy and Donna K. Kelly, 9301 Secluded Creek Cove, Sherwood. L11 B10, Creekside, $358,000.

Jon Coburn Construction LLC to Michael B. and Lynda L. Rasmussen, L95 B3, Wildwood Place, $358,000.

Kathy F. Pyle (aka Kathy F. Conley) to Willard M. and Christy Lund, 300 Schoolwood Lane, Cammack Village. L26, Jefferson Heights, $355,000.

Elizabeth A. and Robert G. Bevis Sr. and The B&L Bevis Family Revocable Trust to Avtar and Jagtar Singh, L14 B32, Overbrook, $355,000.

Diane E. Peters and The Atley G. Davis Living Trust and The Betty Davis Living Trust to Dennis Bluff Estates LLC, 7501, 7505 & 7507 Colonel Glenn Road, Little Rock. SW SW 13-1N-13W, $350,000.

Robert L. Woller to Kevin and Monica Fitzpatrick, NW 24-4N-11W, $350,000.

Lynda S. and Ronald H. Jack and The Jack Revocable Living Trust to Sherri L. Andrews, 4103 Longview Road, Little Rock. L14, Longlea Phase VIII, $342,900.

Rector Phillip Morse Inc. to William P. and Annette H. Phillips and The William P. & Annette H. Phillips Family Trust, L8, Bishop Place, $319,500.

Jerry and Bonnie Trovero and The Leonard Joseph Jerry Trovero Jr. Revocable Trust to Randy Kulbeth, 2 Crystal Mountain Cove, Maumelle. L29, Turtle Creek Cove, $317,000.

Ihtesham S. and Nayab T. Shah to Maria Haigwood, 1809 Kristen Court, Sherwood. L8 B1, Glenn Hills, $314,900.

2610 Acres LLC to Creekview LLC, SW SW 8-3N-15W, $312,000.

Winston G. Hastings to Winston G. and Jillian B. Hastings, 41 Sherrill Road, Little Rock. L41, Sherrill Heights, $310,500.

Bruce Engel Construction Inc. to Larry and Carolyn Hayes, L19 B9, Creekside, $310,000.

Shana M. Holman to Holli Murray, 51 Bristol Court, Little Rock. L23 B19, Villages of Wellington, $310,000.

Graham Smith Construction LLC to Tommy and Margaret Walker, L77 B3, Wildwood Place, $309,000.

Melvin Aronoff to Janna and Robert Belote, 589 Silverwood Trail, North Little Rock. L56 B3, Shady Valley, $305,000.

Katherine J. Sweere to Hendry and Mia L. Sanusi, 116 Holland Lane, Little Rock. L32, Madison Valley, $302,500.

Medlock Construction Co Inc. to Patty W. and Edward R. Seward Jr., 3033 Hickory Ridge Drive, Sherwood. L18 B3, Miller's Cove, $299,900.

Dustin Hennard Homes Inc. to Jessica M. Crowson, 120 Bella Rosa Place, Little Rock. L11, Bella Rosa Place, $299,000.

Amber R. and Richard E. Prewitt III to John W. and Judy A. Goodwin, L56 B3, Walton Heights, $297,000.

Jeremiah and Emily Wood to River Rock Builders LLC, 2905 N. University, Little Rock. L5 B12, Park View, $285,000.

Sanjay R. and Vandana Dass to Michael Cass, 47 Crystal Mountain Lane, Maumelle. L38, Palisades Heights Single Family Detached, $277,000.

Clayton Corbett to James A. and Deborah L. Lewis and The James & Deborah Lewis Family Trust, 8520 Bridge Creek Road, Sherwood. SW NE 5-3N-11W, $275,316.

Loren M. and Michelle M. Miller to Sean M. and Liz Callahan, 2801 Highline Drive, Sherwood. L76 B5, Creekside, $275,000.

Stacy A. Robinson (aka Stacy Pitsch) to Melda Onal, 6713 Waverly Drive, Little Rock. L4 B1, Hollywood Replat, $275,000.

US Bank, NA to US Bank, NA/ Wachovia Bank, NA, 6003 North Hills Blvd., North Little Rock. L36 B11, Overbrook, $258,086.

Corey L. and Erin P. Boelkens and The Boelkens Living Trust, to Tyler A. and Rebecca J. Thomason, 4211 Wesley Drive, Little Rock. L41, Deer Park, $255,000.

David L. and Shannon M. Madison (aka Shannon M. Gill) to Aaron and Alesha Withers, 2750 Gemstone Cove, Sherwood. L4 B10, Stonehill Phase IV, $249,000.

Aaron J. and Stacy McDonnel to Charanda N. and Anthony D. Slater, 124 Tahoe Drive, Maumelle. L21 B25, Maumelle Valley Estates, $248,000.

David L. and Kristina Fortner to David A. and Darlister B. Mitchell, 2833 Maelstrom Circle, Sherwood. L292, Miller's Crossing Phase 5, $245,000.

Robert B. and Sharon T. Webb to Sara S. Shaw, L20, The Willows Phase II, $240,000.

Ranch West Villas LLC to Shahla and Shida Taghizadeh, 428 Valley Ranch Circle, Little Rock. L14, Ranch West Villas, $239,900.

Bullwinkle LLC to Kevin Driver Builder LLC, Ls9, 29 & 34, Belles Fleurs, $234,500.

Bullwinkle LLC to Construction Arts Inc., Ls35-36 & 53, Belles Fleurs, $233,500.

Daniel and Kelly Petroff (aka Kelly M. Whitehorn) to Shirley B. Hodges, 803 Loyola Drive, Little Rock. L408, St Charles, $232,000.

Eugene A. and Vickie Costa to Kari and Everette Hatcher, 12 Rocky Valley Cove, Little Rock. L39, Pleasant Valley Manor, $228,000.

Jeffery P. Nosbisch to Thomas A. and Valerie K. Varner, 127 Pleasantwood Drive, Maumelle. L50, Pleasantwood, $227,000.

Ace Construction LLC to Roger York, 1214 Windsor Court, Jacksonville. L11, Jamestown Phase 2, $225,000.

Mortgage Research Center LLC and Veterans United Home Loans to Mortgage Research Center LLC and Veterans United Home Loans, 110 Trelon Way, Little Rock. L5 B49, Chenal Valley, $222,732.

Euro-Homes Inc. to Cody Putnam, 59 Oakbrooke Drive, Sherwood. L7 B1, Miller's Cove, $222,000.

Norma L. and Alvin C. McMurry to Betty and Kenneth Powell, LB40, Plantation Acres Phase I Replat, $215,000.

Andrew L. and Johanna E. Terpening to Carolyn Hobbs, L9A, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase I, $214,500.

Patricia A. Kane to James E. and Gayle Gaston, 209 Englewood Road, Cammack Village. L198, Cammack Woods, $214,000.

Karen A. Jester to David K. and Donna M. Conrad, L12 B2, The Gardens at Valley Falls, $213,900.

Ronald H. Cox and The Ronald H. Cox Revocable Trust to ASBE Real Estate LLC, 2020 W. 38th St., North Little Rock. L4 B1, Shilcott's Commercial, $210,000.

Patricia M. Wood (aka Patricia M. North) to Crystal L. and Lance Daigle, 119 Lily Drive, Maumelle. L103, Waterside, $202,000.

Charles D. Wade to Baldwinder Singh and Param Lubana, 7081 E. Ridge Drive, Sherwood. L53 B1, Gap Creek, $201,500.

Panharath Ing and Rangsin Ros to Vuthy Yun and Davy Ly, 112 Robin Lane, Sherwood. SE SE 31-3N-11W, $201,500.

Pathfinder Inc. to Weaver-Bailey Contractors Inc., NW 4-3N-10W, $200,000.

Linda VanBlaricom and The Linda Katherine VanBlaricom Revocable to Ann P. Wagner, 3218 Summit Court, Little Rock. L181R, Echo Valley Second Replat, $199,900.

Cary and Jacqueline Frizzell to Gregory S. and Haley N. Roberts, 105 Beaver Creek Lane, Maumelle. L3 B23, Maumelle Valley Estates, $198,900.

Adrianne D. Smith to Valencia M. and Ekow Essel, 7 Sherman Cove, Maumelle. L224, West Pointe, $197,500.

Thomas L. Curry and The Thomas L. Curry Trust and The Curry Family Trust to Stephen R. Grummer, 5100 R St., Little Rock. L1 B1, McGehee, $195,000.

Amanda Boeke to Hannah C. Offenbacker, 17000 Fawn Tree Drive, Little Rock. L670, Otter Creek Community Phase IV-A, $192,000.

Jeffery W. Hokett Jr. to Jasmine Blunt, 14 Amandine Court, Maumelle. L1159, Sologne Phase XVII- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD, $190,000.

Sharon W. Collier to Kurt and Marsha Lofland, 105 Traveler Lane, Maumelle. L16, North Ridge, $190,000.

Matthew E. and Alicia C. Garza (aka Alicia C. Harp) to Marissa T. and Ian J. Clancy, 900 Mellon St., Little Rock. Ls5-6 B14, Success, $189,000.

Barbara F. Plunkett to Thomas Rosamond, L14, Fairway Park, $188,000.

Willie S. and Rebeca M. Haley to Tee J. McKenzie, 2801 Foxcroft Drive, #12, Little Rock. L12, Renaissance, $187,000.

Sarah Crabb to Michael L. Pabst and Helen-Ann Hill and The Michael Lance Pabst & Helen-Ann Hill Revocable Trust, 13223 Highway 5, Cabot. NE SE 9-4N-10W, $185,000.

Capitol View Holdings LLC to Jason P. Baxter and Benjamin R. Kennedy and Todd Russell, Ls1-2, 4-6, 8 & 10 B2, Plunkett 2nd; Ls7-9 B3, Plunkett 2nd; Ls3-5 B7, Plunkett 2nd; L8 B8 & Ls2-5 B9, Capitol View; Ls1-3 & 8-12 B1, Plunkett 2nd; L1-7 B8, Plunkett 2nd, $185,000.

James E. and Carolyn L. Burke and The Burke Living Trust to Justin and Ben Peet, 6 Tara Cove, Maumelle. L16 B5, Kimberly Manor Phase 1, $184,900.

David L. Ingold II to William Clark and Mallory Williamson, 1920 Biscayne Drive, Little Rock. L46, Sheraton Park Section B, $182,500.

North Garfield LLC to David and Tabitha Houk, L7 B4, Altheimer, $181,250.

Patty W. and Edward R. Seward Jr. to Jonathan D. and Jessica W. Feldman, 4500 Valley Brook Drive, North Little Rock. L1 B7, Lakewood Northeast, $180,000.

Mark V. and Abby Phillips to Andrea N. Franklin, 1608 Hidden Creek Drive, Sherwood. L49, Hidden Creek, $179,670.

Samuel and Amy Sparrow, to Shontay H. and Jared D. Smith, 1 Coral Cove, Maumelle. L95, Diamond Pointe Phase II, $177,900.

P5 Investments LLC to Abdur Rehman and Maimuna Kausar, 73 Shoshoni Drive, Sherwood. L459, Indianhead Lake Estates Section C, $171,500.

Cynthia and Ike Bogard Jr. to Rita J. Hamilton, 7 Dartmouth Drive, Little Rock. L250, Kensington Place, $170,000.

Mary F. Wilson to Charles W. and Reba C. Tidwell and The Charles W. Tidwell & Reba C. Tidwell Trust, L5 B5, Overbrook, $168,740.

Brown Uplift Group LLC to Michael K. and Tiah M. Frazier, 9 Round Hill Road, North Little Rock. L19 B64, Park Hill NLR, $167,777.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Calvon Turner, 1200 Foxwood Drive, Jacksonville. L373, Foxwood Phase IX, $166,400.

Michael L. and Rosalyn F. Rector to 5 Guys Land Holding Company LLC, 22606 Highway 365 North, North Little Rock. Pt N/2 NW 21-3N-13W; NE NW 21-3N-13W, $162,000.

Bullwinkle LLC to Construction Arts Inc., Ls7 & 13, Belles Fleurs, $159,000.

Willard L. and Rebecca A. Looper to Ashley R. Talbert, 2019 Whitehaven Drive, North Little Rock. L16 B4, Northbrook, $153,500.

Andrew Sawyer to Lori J. and Robert C. Evans Jr., 6 Newbridge Court, Little Rock. L21, Echo Valley Park, $153,000.

Darrell R. and Christine C. Franklin to Kimberly D. Norris, 6 Vantage Drive, Maumelle. L59, Woodland Heights, $150,500.

Lynda C. White to Lorraine DeFede and Zachary and Petra Chalupka, L46 B7, Parkway Place, $150,000.

Mark and Patricia Melton to Deborah J. Yates, 1007 E. Woodruff Ave., Sherwood. NW SE 31-3N-11W, $150,000.

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