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U.S. patents issued to Arkansans

Nov. 28

US 9,826,710 B1. Mobile configurable animal trap system. Issued to Jeffrey Wayne McNew of Greenbrier.

US 9,827,732 B2. Instant Set-up Bulk Container. Issued to Ted E. Wiley, Dover. Assigned to Innovative Design Concepts Inc., Dover.

US 9,828,552 B1. Process for hydroprocessing of non-petroleum feedstock. Issued to Michael D. Ackerson and Michael Steven Byars, both of Fayetteville. Assigned to Duke Technologies, Fayetteville.

US 9,830,377 B1. Methods and systems for hierarchical blocking. Issued to Andrew Benjamin Ray of Bentonville and Nathaniel Philip Troutman of Seattle, Wash. Assigned to Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Bentonville.

US 9,830,573 B2. Retail inventory management services through personal mobile devices. Issued to Zulfiqar Ali Paracha of Rogers, Aaron Santavicca, Josh Osmon, Doyle Reece, Kishore Kumar Konate, Vidanage Prabuddha Mangala Chandrasiri, Mahesh Sundar Thangaraj, Kevin E. Hill, and Michael Shawn McGuire, all of Bentonville, and Jie Ouyang of Auburn Hills, Mich. Assigned to Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Bentonville.

US 9,830,836 B1. Flexible drive shaft for greeting cards and the like. Issued to Douglas M. Bowen, Russellville of Russellville, Robert A. Covey of Independence, Mo., Thomas A. Wallen of Merriam, Kan., and Robert R. Pavlu, Jr. of Overland Park, Kan. Assigned to Hallmark Cards Inc., Kansas City, Mo.

US 9,831,610 B2. Connector having a latch with a locating member. Issued to Steven George Sutter of Maumelle, Darian Schulz of Little Rock and Kent E. Regnier of Lombard, Ill. Assigned to Molex LLC of Lisle, Ill.

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