Bicyclist injured by barbed-wire trap on Fayetteville trail

FAYETTEVILLE -- A 72-year-old man was seriously injured after colliding with a barbed-wire trap Friday morning on a Fayetteville bike trail, according to police.

Charles Grim was riding his bike on the Tsa La Gi trail near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard when he ran into a piece of barbed wire suspended at his chest level, Sgt. Craig Stout said.

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Grim suffered a major head injury and was sent to the intensive care unit at a local hospital, Stout said.

"I've never seen anything like it," Stout said.

Police are treating this as a criminal investigation.

Anyone with information on the person responsible for this incident can call police at 479-587-3555.

NW News on 08/27/2017