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story.lead_photo.caption Ashley Philbrick does step 1 and 3 of the Single Arm Kneeling Shoulder Press - Photo by Celia Storey

Exercise programming has evolved into an art form that provides fitness professionals and individual exercisers an opportunity to express their individuality.

The best programs are not only customized to match the user's fitness goals (lose fat, look muscular, score touchdowns), also they factor in the person's psychology, emotions and temperament.

This week, I'll present a few ways to dial in your own exercise program for maximum enjoyment. Plus, I'll introduce a cool way to keep the senses engaged with a new shoulder exercise.

During the development of a program, most people select exercises that will help them achieve a particular fitness goal given the amount of time they have to perform the workout. All too often, people find that they are unable to adhere to the program due to boredom, lack of results or other factors. Why? In many cases, it's because the program isn't a match for their personality.

Regardless of fitness goals, people generally gravitate toward activities that make them feel good. Some people feel energized after a 5-mile run, while others need to release tension by lifting heavy objects. Others love the adrenalin rush of competition and strive to participate in various sporting activities.

Yet, for some reason, all of these people are performing two or three sets of 12 repetitions and three or four days of moderate intensity strength training. Obviously this approach does not set them up for success.

The key is to understand where fitness goals intersect with personality. If an exerciser can find this place, it's like finding a golden nugget.

To find your intersection, think about activities that make you happy or that you did in your youth. Now consider your fitness goals. Get creative with combining the two.

If you once enjoyed camping and your goal is to lose weight, outdoor hiking could be a great fit. If you loved team sports but want to improve cardiovascular endurance, competitive cycling could be an option.

This week's exercise is a great addition for those who like "different." Rather than sitting on an exercise bench and performing the same old shoulder press week after week, try this unique movement.

1. Select a light or medium dumbbell and kneel on one knee. Your right knee is on the floor, the left knee up and the left foot out in front of you.

2. Hold the dumbbell in your right hand in front of your right shoulder with your palm facing you.

3. Press the dumbbell straight up and rotate your right hand until your palm faces away from you.

4. As you reach full extension, slowly lower the dumbbell back down and rotate the palm back toward you.

5. Repeat eight times, then switch sides. Remember to switch your knee position so the left knee is down when you train the left shoulder.

The Single Arm Kneeling Shoulder Press is a fun way to challenge the core during a more traditional movement. For those who enjoy trying new and exciting things, it's a cool addition. I definitely fall into this category, as I can't perform the same workout more than a few weeks without feeling boredom creep in.

I hope you'll find a way to individualize your workout too. Enjoy!

Photo by Celia Storey
Ashley Philbrick does step 2 of the Single Arm Kneeling Shoulder Press

Matt Parrott has a doctorate in education (sport studies) and a master's in kinesiology and is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine.

ActiveStyle on 08/21/2017

Print Headline: Avoid exercise monotony with new shoulder press

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