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Happy Trails: Two Rivers Park hidden trail

by Michael Storey | October 24, 2016 at 5:45 a.m.
Bikers explore the hidden trail along the Arkansas River at Two Rivers Park in Little Rock.

Location: Cross to the north end of Little Rock’s Two Rivers Park Bridge and find the unmarked dirt trail on the right at the river near the large picnic table. The path heads left (west) along the Arkansas River.

GPS: 34.801474, -92.381920

Length: This relatively new (and unnamed) trail skirts the river and winds its way to the equestrian trails on the north side of the park. Out and back is 3.2 miles.

Main attractions: Hikers with a sense of adventure quickly leave the nearby paved trail behind for a taste of bottomland hardwoods. The trail has been little used or tended since completion and is overgrown in spots. Over the past nine months, four large trees have fallen that block the path and will need a chainsaw to remove.

Hazards: The encroaching grass and vines make a few sections seem particularly snaky. This will improve with cold weather.

Dog, bike, tyke friendly? Trees block bikes after about a mile; dogs and kids will enjoy the paved trail more.

Video: Click here for more Happy Trails videos

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Photo by Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Map showing the location of the trailhead for the hidden trail at Two Rivers Park.

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