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Ballots in Lonoke County include a misspelling of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's name that effectively inserts the word "liar" into her first name.

Clinton is listed as "Hilliary Clinton" on the ballot.

Jerry Shepard, Lonoke County Election Commission chairman, said officials didn't become aware of the misspelling until early voting began.

"The clerk prepared the ballot. She has deputies. Those folks might have done it. Those [ballots] are approved by us [on the Election Commission]. There are three of us, two Republicans and one Democrat. All of us missed it. Then it went to the printer. It may have happened at the printer and we missed it when the proof came back," Shepard said.

A first-time voter wrote to TV station KARK this week complaining about the misspelling, saying she thought it had to be intentional. Jimmy Wallace, the Democratic representative on the Election Commission, told the TV station it was a mistake commissioners didn't catch.

Shepard said the city clerk's office got a few calls from voters reporting the misspelling when early voting began but didn't hear much until media outlets began reporting on it. The commission received a few threatening emails Friday after NBC did a small segment on it, Shepard said.

The county Democratic Party's attorney has reviewed the matter and is satisfied with everything the Election Commission has done, Shepard said.

The ballots won't be reprinted before Election Day on Tuesday.

NW News on 11/06/2016

Print Headline: 'Hilliary' printed on county ballot

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