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Thousands of hunters scramble in a last-minute effort to purchase their licenses and permits each opening day of hunting season. This zero-hour chaos can be avoided by purchasing a license earlier in the year.

Another option for outdooorsmen is to follow the example of Lester Sieber of Stuttgart and purchase lifetime hunting and fishing permits for their children so they’re never unprepared for a hunt.

Sieber recently came by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission headquarters to get his son Casey a present for his 16th birthday, a Lifetime Hunting and Fishing Sportsman’s Permit. This permit includes the state trout permit and waterfowl stamp, and waives the fees for any Game and Fish special hunt permit drawings. It will never expire, even if his son moves out of state.

“When you think about inflation and the fact that license costs will eventually go up over his lifetime, the permit will easily pay for itself,” Sieber said.

He’s been thinking about the purchase for a while, he added. The $1,000 price can be a bit daunting unless you’re sure your child will take advantage of the gift.

“I suppose the thing that clinched it for me was Casey’s enthusiasm over the Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program,” Sieber said.

Casey Sieber has participated in the program over four years, shooting for the Stuttgart Trap Club.

“He started when he was about 11,” said Lester Sieber. “His first real round of trap, he shot 17 out of 25 clays. But last year alone he probably shot 30 perfect rounds of trap during practice and competition combined.”

Through the shooting program, Casey Sieber has had the opportunity to shoot with the Junior Olympic Training Program in Colorado Springs.

“Casey met a lot of really good kids and good shooters from all over the state when he went to Colorado,” said Lester Sieber. “The experience brought many of them together and they still stay in touch now that they’re home.”

Lester said Casey’s increased enthusiasm for shooting sports isn’t uncommon with the kids in the program.

“I think the program is an amazing recruiting tool to get new hunters interested,” he said. “And like me and my son, lifetime supporters of hunting and angling in Arkansas.”

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