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The Arkansas Activities Association announced Wednesday it will implement a pitch count for the 2017 high school baseball season.

A pitcher may not throw more than 110 pitches on any one day for senior high games or 85 pitches for junior varsity games. If a player participates in both varsity and junior varsity games, the 110 maximum pitch count will be used.

"Everybody was pretty on board with the number we came up with," said Don Brodell, an assistant executive director for the AAA."Some states had 120, and we all thought that 120 was too high. We thought 100 was too low."

Brodell said three high school coaches -- Horatio's Lance Spigner, Nashville's Kyle Slaton and Baptist Prep's Eddie Stephenson -- along with Cabot athletic trainer Jason Cates and Jimmy Tucker from Arkansas Specialty Orthopaedics in Little Rock were part of the process to implement a pitch count in Arkansas.

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) announced earlier this year that states were required to institute pitch count guidelines.

Warm-up pitches do not count toward the pitch count. A pitcher will be allowed to finish pitching to a batter if the limit is met during an at-bat, but he must be replaced after the hitter has completed his at-bat.

Each team will be required to count pitches, and the host school must provide a pitch recorder, separate from the person counting pitches for the team. If the counts are not the same, the larger number is considered official. If the three counts do not match, the count indicated by the pitch count recorder will be considered official.

According to the AAA, schools must report violations to the AAA office in North Little Rock within 24 hours of a game.

If a pitcher throws 1-30 pitches in a day, no rest is required between games. If a pitcher throws 31-60 pitches in a day, one day of rest is required. If a pitcher throws 61-85 pitches in a day, two days of rest are required. If a pitcher throws 86 or more pitches in a day, three days of rest are required.

"We just tried to get out in front of it," Brodell said. "We tried to put something together that everyone can live with."

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As instituted Wednesday by the Arkansas Activities Association



JUNIOR VARSITY GAMES 85 pitches NOTE If a player participates in both varsity and junior varsity games, the 110-pitch limit will be used. Warm-up pitches do not count. Schools must report violations within 24 hours of a game. Each team is required to count pitches and the host school must provide a separate pitch recorder.

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Print Headline: High school pitchers given 110-pitch limit for '17 season

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