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Lee Kuan Yew, 91, who became Singapore’s first prime minister in 1959 and served for 31 years, has been hospitalized for severe pneumonia and remains in intensive care, though his condition has stabilized, government officials said.

Ronna Romney Mc-Daniel, 41, niece of Mitt Romney, was elected by Michigan’s Republican delegates to serve as the state party’s next chairman.

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s longtime leader whose recent tumble at Harare Airport sparked questions about his health, marked his 91st birthday with a low-key celebration but has planned lavish state festivities for next weekend at a Victoria Falls resort.

Fazel Ahmad Azimi, director of Afghanistan’s central bank, said at least three employees are believed to have fled to neighboring Pakistan, absconding with more than $1 million stolen from one of the bank’s branches.

Kasim Reed, the mayor of Atlanta, was at a lunch when his city-owned sport utility vehicle was booted by a private parking company because members of Reed’s security team had illegally parked it on a sidewalk, a city spokesman said.

Frank Marullo Jr., 74, a criminal-court judge in Louisiana, has been put on paid leave as the state Supreme Court considers whether he has served past the mandatory retirement age, based on a recommendation by the state Judiciary Commission that cited Marullo’s “apparent disregard of the law.”

Luo Renchu, 64, a nursing-home worker in central China who got into an argument with his boss over $6,500 in unpaid wages, is accused of killing three elderly residents with a brick and injuring 15 others before fleeing the scene, state media reported.

Houssein Anvaraly, 12, a French boy kidnapped outside his school in southwestern Madagascar, has been released after being held for three days, the French Embassy said without providing further details.

Warren Buffett, billionaire and philanthropist, auctioned off a beige Cadillac DTS valued at $12,000, with the money from the final bid, $122,500, to be donated to Girls Inc. of Omaha.

Kenneth Davis, 17, of Houston was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and burglary of a motor vehicle after police said they found on the teen’s phone a video that he took of himself while driving a stolen car and singing the Drake song “How Bout Now.”

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