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  1. Which three oceans bound Asia on three sides?

  2. What is Asia's best-known mountain range?

  3. What is Asia's largest desert?

  4. Asia is often defined as being east of which canal and which mountain range?

  5. Which two countries are in both Asia and Europe?

  6. Which Asian woman won the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize?

  7. What is Asia's longest river?

  8. Identify the "Four Asian Tigers."

  9. Which countries are first and last in an alphabetical list of Asian countries?


  1. Arctic, Indian and Pacific

  2. Himalayas

  3. Gobi Desert

  4. Suez Canal, Ural Mountains

  5. Russia and Turkey

  6. Mother Teresa

  7. Yangtze River

  8. Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan

  9. Afghanistan and Yemen

Weekend on 08/28/2014

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Asia

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