The Education Outreach Program

What is EOP?

The Education Outreach Program (EOP) is a national literacy program that is promoted in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley by the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (NWADG). EOP is designed to promote literacy, increase hands-on learning in the classroom and develop lifelong reading habits among young people and their families. EOP provides access to our daily digital replica edition for Northwest Arkansas and River Valley schools, along with a variety of teacher tools, resources and training opportunities.

What does it cost?

With the generous support of donors and corporate sponsors, access to our digital replica is provided free of charge to teachers in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. If you would like to make a donation to support this program, or enroll as a teacher within these areas, please contact our Northwest Arkansas EOP office at (479) 684-5502 or [email protected].

7 Reasons to Support EOP

  • 1. It's a good investment for the future. Today's students become tomorrow's employees & community leaders.
  • 2. It's a literacy program at the local level.
  • 3. Middle school students who use a newspaper regularly in class may improve standardized test scores between 10-29%. (Univ. of MN & NAA Foundation)
  • 4. Reading a newspaper at younger ages ensures developing a consistent habit that will continue well into adult years.
  • 5. Teachers receive free access to curriculum guides.
  • 6. Sponsor recognition benefits ensure our readers in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley know that you support literacy & value student education.
  • 7. The demand for consistent growth of the program.

The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette would like to thank all of our EOP program sponsors.

Contact Us!

If you want more information about the EOP program, want to participate or learn how to become an EOP sponsor, email [email protected]. or call 479-684-5502.

Reading, a gift that will last a lifetime.