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The filing period for office ran from Feb. 23 - March 2. All 135 House and Senate seats will be up this year after redistricting, as well as the four congressional seats and the presidency. Also, non-partisan judicial races were included in the filing period. Remember, there will be party primaries in May before the November general election.


Who has filed Incumbent
Newt Gingrich, R, Rick Santorum, R, Mitt Romney, R, Ron Paul, R, Barack Obama, D, John Wolfe, D Barack Obama, D

U.S. Congress (House of Representatives)

District Who has filed Incumbent
1 U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford, R, Clark Hall, D, Gary Latanich, D, Scott Ellington, D Rick Crawford, R
2 U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin, R, Herb Rule, D, Charles Neply, I Tim Griffin, R
3 U.S. Rep. Steve Womack, R, Ken Aden, D Steve Womack, R
4 State Sen. Gene Jeffress, D, Beth Ann Rankin, R, Tom Cotton, R, Q. Byrum Hurst, D, DC Morrison, D Mike Ross, D

State Senate

Race Who filed Party
District 01Rep. Tim Summers, 67, Bentonville, non-profit.Republican
District 01Bart Hester, 34, Cave Springs, real estate.Republican
District 02Jim Hendren, Sulphur Springs, manufacturing plant owner.Republican
District 03Sen. Cecile Bledsoe, Rogers.Republican
District 04Rep. Uvalde Lindsey, 72, Fayetteville, consultant.Democrat
District 05Rep. Bryan King, 43, Berryville, farmer.Republican
District 05Bill Coleman, 61, Mountainburg, farm/retired.Republican
District 06John Paul Wells, 57, Paris, sales.Democrat
District 06Rep. Gary Don Stubblefield, 60, Branch, dairy farmer.Republican
District 07Diana Gonzales Worthen, 50, Springdale, educator. Democrat
District 07Rep. Jon Woods, 34, Springdale, state representative.Republican
District 07Sen. Bill Pritchard, 68, Elkins, businessman/rancher.Republican
District 08Sen. Jake Files, 39, Fort Smith, small business owner.Republican
District 09Rep. Theresa “Tracy” Pennartz, 63, Fort Smith, businesswoman.Democrat
District 09Sen. Bruce Holland, Greenwood.Republican
District 09Rick Green, 55, Van Buren, transportation sales.Republican
District 10Sen. Larry R. Teague, 53, Nashville, independent insurance agent.Democrat
District 11Sen. Steve Harrelson, 38, TexarkanaDemocrat
District 11Jimmy Hickey, Jr., 45, Texarkana. construction.Republican
District 11Rep. Larry Cowling, 59, Foreman, farmer/trucking.Democrat
District 12Bruce Maloch, Magnolia.Democrat
District 13Sen. Mike Fletcher, 66, Hot Springs, retired state police captain.Democrat
District 13Alan Clark, 51, Hot Springs, business management.Republican
District 14Sen. Bill Sample, Hot Springs, termite and pest control operator.Republican
District 15Rep. David Sanders, 37, Little Rock, development director.Republican
District 15Rep. Ed Garner, 54, Maumelle, bakery owner.Republican
District 15Johnny Hoyt, Morrilton.Democrat
District 16Sen. Michael Lamoureux, 35, Russellville, attorney.Republican
District 17Sen. Johnny Key, Mountain Home.Republican
District 18William “Zac” White, Heber Springs. Democrat
District 18Paul White, 48, Mountain View, landscape contractor.Independent
District 18Sen. Missy Thomas Irvin, 41, Mountain View, marketing director.Republican
District 19Rep. Linda Collins-Smith, 49, Pocahontas.Republican
District 19Sen. David Wyatt, 62, Batesville, farm and ranch.Democrat
District 20Lowell Blake Johnson, Corning, farmer.Republican
District 20Sen. Robert F. Thompson, 40, Paragould, attorney.Democrat
District 21Sen. Paul Bookout, 49, Jonesboro, Adm. Dir. St. Bernards HealthcareDemocrat
District 22Sen. David Burnett, 70, Osceola, lawyer/retired judge.Democrat
District 23Rep. Jerry Brown, 65, Wynne, rice farmer.Democrat
District 23Tommy CaubbleRepublican
District 24Sen. Jack Crumbly, 64, Widener, retired educator.Democrat
District 24Rep. Keith M. Ingram, 56, West Memphis, vice president of concrete company.Democrat
District 25Sen. Stephanie Flowers, 58, Pine Bluff, lawyer.Democrat
District 25Rep. Efrem Elliott, 44, AltheimerDemocrat
District 26Rep. Eddie Cheatham, 64, Crossett, retired educator.Democrat
District 26Mike Akin, 55, Monticello, self-employed.Republican
District 26Gregg Reep, 58, Warren, consultant.Democrat
District 26Johnnie M. Bolin, 68, Crossett, retired. Democrat
District 27Rep. Garry L. Smith, 60, Camden, self-employed.Democrat
District 27Henry L. Frisby II, 35, El Dorado, fuel and oil sales.Republican
District 27Rep. Bobby J. Pierce, 61, Sheridan, utility contractor, hardware store owner.Democrat
District 28Sen. Jonathan Dismang, Searcy.Republican
District 28Rep. Tiffany Rogers, 43, Stuttgart, development officer. Democrat
District 29Sen. Eddie Joe Williams, Cabot.Republican
District 30Sen. Linda Chesterfield, 64, Little Rock, consultant.Democrat
District 31Rep. Fred Allen, 58, Little Rock, self-employed.Democrat
District 31Sen. Joyce Elliott, 60, Little Rock.Democrat
District 32Sen. David Johnson, 43, Little Rock, nonprofit management.Democrat
District 32James J. Sorvillo, Little Rock.Republican
District 33Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, 37, Little Rock, attorney. Republican
District 34Rep. Jane English, 71, North Little Rock, retired.Republican
District 34Rep. Barry Hyde, 55, North Little Rock, commercial builder. Democrat
District 35Sen. Jeremy Rapert, 39, Bigelow, insurance/financial services.Republican
District 35Rep. Linda Tyler, 63, Conway, consultant.Democrat

State House

Race Who's Filed Party
District 001 Rep. Mary P. “Prissy” Hickerson, 60, Texarkana, business manager.Republican
District 002 Rep. Lane Jean. Republican
District 003 Brent Talley, 33, McCaskill. Democrat
District 003Sharon Wright, 49, Hope, insurance sales.Republican
District 004Fonda Hawthorne, 55, Ashdown, economic developer. Democrat
District 004Daniel A. Linnet, 33, Ashdown, financial advisor.Republican
District 005 Rep. David Fielding, 56, Magnolia. retail grocer. Democrat
District 006Peter Sam Cyphers, El Dorado. Independent
District 006Rep. Matthew Shepherd, 36, El Dorado, attorney.Republican
District 007James McMenis, 63, Smackover, attorney. Democrat
District 007Albert Glenn Glover, 46, El Dorado. Democrat
District 007John Baine, 40, El Dorado, accountant. Democrat
District 008Rep. Jeffrey Wardlaw, 31, Hermitage, farmer. Democrat
District 009Robert E. Cornelius, Crossett. Democrat
District 009Rep. Sheila E. Lampkin, 66, Monticello, retired teacher. Democrat
District 009Gary Meggs, 57, Monticello, band director.Republican
District 010Judge Mike Holcomb, Pine Bluff, county judge. Democrat
District 010Gene Yarbrough, 69, Star City, mayor. Democrat
District 010Dorothy A. Hall, 63, Sheridan, retired University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service. Democrat
District 010Charles Roberts, 58, Rison.Republican
District 011Mark D. McElroy, 55, Tillar, county judge. Democrat
District 012Chris Richey, 40, Helena. Democrat
District 012Jerome M. Turner, 59, Poplar Grove, comm. worker, pastor. Democrat
District 013Garland Derden, Jr., Stuttgart. Republican
District 013Harvey Edwards, Stuttgart, 56, marine mechanic. Independent
District 013David Hillman, 67, Almyra, farmer. Democrat
District 014Rep. Walls McCrary, 68, Lonoke, retired businessman. Democrat
District 015Charles E. Tadlock, 72, Sheridan, retired school administrator. Democrat
District 015Ken Bragg, Sheridan.Republican
District 016Rep. James L. Word, 58, Pine Bluff, housing director. Democrat
District 017Representative Henry "Hank" Wilkins IVDemocrat
District 018Fred W. Harris, 56, Arkadelphia, pharmacist/business owner. Democrat
District 018Richard Womack, 37, Arkadelphia, paint contractor, business owner.Republican
District 019Rep. Nate Steel, 30, Nashville, attorney. Democrat
District 020Rep. Nate Bell, 42, Mena, farmer, small business owner.Republican
District 020Lewis Diggs, Bonnerdale. Democrat
District 021Rep. Terry Rice, 57 Waldron, business owner.Republican
District 022Rep. Bruce Westerman, 44, Hot Springs, engineer.Republican
District 023Rep. Ann Clemmer, 53, Benton, faculty member.Republican
District 024Rep. Bruce Cozart, 56, Hot Springs, general contractor.Republican
District 024Jimmie Harmon, 69, Hot Springs. Democrat
District 025Michael A. Jones, Sr., 63, Hot Springs, retired.Republican
District 025Rep. John T. Vines, 38, Hot Springs, attorney. Democrat
District 026Lowell Butch Hightower, 62, Hot Springs, retired. Democrat
District 026Rep. Loy Mauch, 59, Bismarck, state representative.Republican
District 026David Kizzia, 40, Malvern, attorney. Democrat
District 027Rep. Andy Mayberry, 41, Hensley, newspaper publisher.Republican
District 028Rep. Kim David Hammer, 53, Benton, hospice chaplain.Republican
District 028Barbara Nix, 62, Benton, director of children’s programs, First United Methodist Church. Democrat
District 029Rep. Fredrick “Fred” Love, Little Rock. Democrat
District 030Charles L ArmstrongDemocrat
District 030Tommy Branch, Little Rock. Democrat
District 030Norith L. Ellison, 61, Little Rock, electrical lineman. Democrat
District 031Tommy Formicola, 52, Little Rock, district sales mgr. Democrat
District 031Andy Davis, Little Rock.Republican
District 032Barbara Graves, Little Rock. Democrat
District 032Rep. Allen Kerr, 55, Little Rock, insurance sales.Republican
District 033Mark A. Robertson, 57, Little Rock, landscape architect. Democrat
District 033Warwick Sabin, 35, Little Rock, publisher. Democrat
District 034Chris Hayes, 53, Little Rock. Independent
District 034Rep. John W. Walker, 74, Little Rock, attorney. Democrat
District 035Patrice Wolfe, Little Rock, housewife.Republican
District 035Representative John Charles EdwardsDemocrat
District 036Rep. Darrin Williams, 43, Little Rock, attorney. Democrat
District 037Lisa McCollum Smith, 44, North Little Rock, ADHE. Democrat
District 037Eddie Armstrong III, North Little Rock. Democrat
District 037Phynaus Wilson III, North Little Rock, adjunct. Democrat
District 038Patti Julian, 56, North Little Rock, homemaker. Democrat
District 038Bill Laman, North Little Rock. Independent
District 038Dean DiMichele, 53, North Little Rock, president--DiMichele Management.Republican
District 039Mark Lowery, 54, Maumelle, instructor at Univ. of Cent. AR.Republican
District 039Kelly Halstead, 37, Maumelle, attorney. Democrat
District 039City Clerk/Treasurer Joshua Clausen.Republican
District 040Douglas House, North Little Rock, U.S. Army, retired, attorney.Republican
District 040Steven McNeely, 46, Jacksonville, work comp attorney. Democrat
District 041James E. George, 67, Sherwood, CPA. Independent
District 041Rep. Jim Nickels, 64, North Little Rock, educator, attorney. Democrat
District 041Alan L. Pogue, 54, Sherwood, minister/counselor.Republican
District 042Rep. Mark W. Perry, 50, Jacksonville, insurance and financial services. Democrat
District 043Rep. Davy Carter, 36, Cabot, banker/lawyer.Republican
District 044Joe Farrer, 49, Austin, director of therapy.Republican
District 044Judy Riley, El Paso, adjunct instructor. Democrat
District 045Rep. Jeremy Gillam, 35, Judsonia, farmer.Republican
District 046Rep. Mark Biviano, 51, Searcy, real estate.Republican
District 046Kyle Osborne, Searcy. Democrat
District 047Rep. Jody Dickinson, 71, Newport, retired educator. Democrat
District 047WM. Burl Simmons, Jr.Democrat
District 048Rep. Reginald Murdock, 45, Marianna, self-employed. Democrat
District 049Rep. Marshall Wright, 35, Forrest City, attorney. Democrat
District 050Frederick Smith, Crawfordsvlle. Democrat
District 050Rep. Hudson Hallum, Marion, 28, paramedic/firefighter. Democrat
District 051Deborah Ferguson, West Memphis, retired dentist. Democrat
District 052L.J. Bryant, 25, Grubbs, Lawrence County chamber of commerce economic director. Democrat
District 052Todd Wilcox, Jonesboro, contractor/developer. Democrat
District 052John K. Hutchison, Harrisburg.Republican
District 053Rep. Homer Lenderman, 55, Brookland, retired teacher. Democrat
District 054Wes Wagner, 32, Manila, attorney. Democrat
District 055Joe Guy, 57, Osceola. Democrat
District 055Monte Hodges, 40, Blytheville, banker. Democrat
District 055Mary Gay Shipley, Blytheville. Democrat
District 055Effie Collins, Blytheville, funeral director. Democrat
District 056Joe Jett, Success. Democrat
District 057Wes Eddington, Paragould. Democrat
District 057Mary Broadway, 47, Paragould, attorney. Democrat
District 057Matthew Buchman, Paragould. Democrat
District 057Ronnie C. Spence, 49, self-employed. Independent
District 058Harold (Cope) Copenhaver, 50, Jonesboro, sales. Democrat
District 058Rep. Jon Hubbard, 65, Jonesboro, insurance.Republican
District 059John R. Cooper, Jonesboro.Republican
District 059Rep. Butch Wilkins, 65, Jonesboro, retired consultant. Democrat
District 060Rep. James Ratliff, 52, Imboden, retired teacher. Democrat
District 060Ronald Cavenaugh, 60, Walnut Ridge, farmer.Republican
District 061Rep. Lori Benedict, 65, Sturkie, farmer/small business.Republican
District 061Scott Baltz, 52, Pocahontas, fire chief. Democrat
District 062Rep. Tommy Wren, 35, Melbourne, farmer, appraiser. Democrat
District 062Roger Delffs, Evening Shade.Republican
District 063Charlie Fuqua, 62, Batesvlille, attorney/retired.Republican
District 063Rep. James McLean, 41, Batesville, funeral director. Democrat
District 064John Payton, 44, Wilburn, auctioneer.Republican
District 064Dennis Knopp, 60, Prim, pastor. Independent
District 065Rep. Tommy Thompson, 63, Morrilton, retired from UA Division of Agriculture. Democrat
District 065Jeff Croswell, 39, Morrilton, elec. engineer.Republican
District 066Phillip Grace, Heber Springs.Republican
District 066Jeffery M. Pistole, Clinton. Democrat
District 066Josh Miller, 30, Heber Springs, business manager/city council.Republican
District 067Rep. Stephen Meeks, 41, Greenbrier, computer technician.Republican
District 067Samuel C. Lane, 29, Greenbrier, mangager cellular store. Democrat
District 068Rep. Robert E. Dale, 65, Dover, banker.Republican
District 069Rep. Betty Overbey, 66, Lamar, retired state revenue agent. Democrat
District 069Dwight Hoyle, 51, Clarksville, self-employed.Republican
District 070Rep. David Meeks, 39, Conway.Republican
District 070Cody Bassham, 27, Conway, consultant. Democrat
District 070Price Dooley, Conway.Republican
District 071Rep. Andrea Lea, 55, RussellvilleRepublican
District 072Steve Magie, 58, Conway, physician. Democrat
District 072Rocky Lawrence, Conway.Republican
District 073Rep. John Wayne Catlett, 51, Rover, farmer, retired state trooper. Democrat
District 073Mary Bentley, 50, Perryville, business owner.Republican
District 074Daniel Wall, Booneville. Democrat
District 074Rep. Jon S. Eubanks, 60, Paris, farmer.Republican
District 075Charlotte Vining Douglas, Alma, science teacher.Republican
District 075Steven Breedlove, 51, Greenwood, minister. Democrat
District 076Matthew W. Pitsch, 48, Fort Smith, engineer.Republican
District 076Rep. Denny Altes, 63, Fort Smith, construction and investments.Republican
District 077Doris Tate, Fort Smith, 65, Greenwood Chamber of Commerce executive director. Democrat
District 077 Rep. Stephanie Malone, 33, Fort Smith, marketing director.Republican
District 078George B. McGill, Fort Smith. Democrat
District 079Rep. Gary Deffenbaugh, 62, Van Buren, retired teacher and coach.Republican
District 080Charlene Fite, 61, Van Buren, school psych. specialist.Republican
District 080Terry Bibbs, Van Buren.Republican
District 080Jack W. Norton, 77, Kane Hill, farmer and business owner Democrat
District 081Rep. Justin T. Harris, 36, West Fork.Republican
District 081Wolf Grulkey, 62, Alma, self-employed. Democrat
District 081Lisa France Norris, Alma, attorney.Republican
District 082Beverly Fox, Ozark, 63. Independent
District 082Leslee Millam Post, 38, Ozark, homemaker. Democrat
District 082Bill Gossage, 54, Ozark, education.Republican
District 083Rep. David L. Branscum, 53, Marshall, lumber and cattle.Republican
District 084Adella Gray, 72, Fayetteville, city alderman/retired. Democrat
District 084Rep. Charlie Collins, 49, Fayetteville, small business owner.Republican
District 85Paul Graham, 43, Farmington.Republican
District 085Maylon T. Rice, 56, Fayetteville, solid waste director. Democrat
District 085David Whitaker, Fayetteville, attorney. Democrat
District 086Brian Scott, Fayetteville.Republican
District 086Rep. Greg Leding, 33, Fayetteville, graphic/web design. Democrat
District 087Rep. Jonathan Barnett, 57, Siloam Springs, general contractor.Republican
District 088Randy Alexander, Springdale, business. Republican
District 088Edwin Sugg, 52, Springdale, engineer. Democrat
District 089Micah S. Neal, Springdale.Republican
District 089Inez Yesenia Hernandez, 35, Springdale, safety manager. Democrat
District 090Rep. Les “Skip” Carnine, 70, Rogers, retired.Republican
District 091Dan Douglas, 55, Bentonville, farmer/businessman.Republican
District 092Jim Parsons, Bella Vista.Republican
District 092Rep. Mary Lou Slinkard, 68, Gravette, retired Benton County clerk.Republican
District 093Jim Dotson, Bentonville.Republican
District 093Duane Neal, 78, Bentonville, retired.Republican
District 094Rep. Debra M. Hobbs, 56, Rogers, small business owner.Republican
District 095Mark Moore, Pea Ridge. Independent
District 095Sue Scott, 58, Rogers, homemaker/grandmother.Republican
District 096Rep. Duncan Baird, 32, Lowell, investments.Republican
District 097Jeremy Miller, Huntsville.Republican
District 097 Bob Ballinger, 38, Hindsville, attorney.Republican
District 097Robert “Butch” Berry, 62, Eureka Springs, architect. Democrat
District 098 Rep. John Burris, 26, Harrison.Republican
District 099Rep. Kelley Linck, 48, Yellville, tourism.Republican
District 099Anton Such, 42, Yellville, small business owner. Independent
District 100Rep. Karen Hopper, Lakeview, college administrator.Republican

Non-Partisan Judicial Races

Race Who's filed
State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 4Judge Jo Hart
State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 4Raymond Abramson
Court of Appeals Associate Judge District 05Judge Robin F. Wynne
Court of Appeals Associate Judge District 04, Position 02Judge Mac Glover
Court of Appeals Associate Judge District 04, Position 01Brandon Harrison
Court of Appeals Associate Judge District 04, Position 01Judge Jake Looney
Court of Appeals Associate Judge District 03, Position 02Kenneth Hixson
Court of Appeals Associate Judge District 03, Position 02Niki Cung
Court of Appeals Associate Judge District 02, Position 02Judge Mitch Cash
Court of Appeals Associate Judge District 02, Position 02Judge Rhonda Wood
Court of Appeals Associate Judge District 01, Position 02Jeannette Robertson
Court of Appeals Associate Judge District 01, Position 02Richard Lusby
Court of Appeals Associate Judge District 01, Position 02Judge Phillip Whiteaker
Circuit Judge, District 19-West, Division 03Tom E. Smith
Circuit Judge, District 19-West, Division 03Jon Comstock
Circuit Judge, District 19-West, Division 02Judge Brad Karren
Circuit Judge, District 19-West, Division 02Mark T. Fryauf
Circuit Judge, District 13, Division 04Prosecuting Attorney Robin J. Carroll
Circuit Judge, District 07, Division 02Prosecuting Attorney Eddy R. Easley
Circuit Judge, District 06, Division 17, Subdistrict 6.2Judge Mackie Pierce
Circuit Judge, District 06, Division 16, Subdistrict 6.2Morgan "Chip" Welch
Circuit Judge, District 06, Division 11, Subdistrict 6.2Patti James
Circuit Judge, District 06, Division 11, Subdistrict 6.2John Hout
Circuit Judge, District 06, Division 11, Subdistrict 6.2Tjuana Byrd
Circuit Judge, District 04, Division 06Judge Mark Lindsay
Circuit Judge, District 04, Division 06Brenda Austin
Circuit Judge, District 04, Division 04Cristi Beaumont
Circuit Judge, District 04, Division 04Bob Lambert
Circuit Judge, District 04, Division 04Amy Estes Turner