2018 Candidates and Issues

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Top Live Primary Results


U.S. House of Representatives 3rd District

Michael Kalagias (L)

Josh Mahony (D)

Robb Ryerse (R)

Steve Womack (R)*

Jason Tate (W)

Josh Moody (I)


Dennis Milligan (R)*

Ashely Ewald (L)

Lands Commissioner

T.J. Campbell (L)

Tommy Land (R)

Larry Williams (D)

State Senate
District 3

Cecile Bledsoe (R)*

Jon Comstock (D)

District 4

Dawn Clemence (R)

Greg Leding (D)*

District 5

Bob Ballinger (R)

Lee Evans (L)

Bryan B. King (R)*

Jim Wallace (D)

District 6

Gary Stubblefield (R)*

District 8

Mathew Pitsch (R)*

Denny Altes (R)

William Hyman (L)

Frank Glidewell (R)

District 9

Terry Rice (R)*

State Representative
District 69

Aaron Pilkington (R)*

Eddie L. King (D)

District 74

Jon Eubanks (R)*

Curtis Varnell (I)

District 75

Lee Johnson (R)

District 76

Kelly Proctor Pierce (R)*

Cindy Crawford (R)

District 77

Justin Boyd (R)*

Stephen Edwards (L)

Luke Pruitt (D)

District 78

Jay Richardson (D)

District 79

Gary Deffenbaugh (R)*

District 80

Casey D. Copeland (L)

Charlene Fite (R)*

Lou Reed Sharp (D)

District 86

Nicole Clowney (D)

Mark Kinion (D)