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Many family farmers satisfied with Tyson

Great read! kinda brings out the truth. Alot of people getting into the chicken business think it is an atomatic payday, but there is a lot of work in it. It supplies an income only if you work at it like any other ag job.

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Employee Pay Bonus Proposed

something is better than nothing.

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COMMENTARY: Is That Ann Coulter?

At least they didn't call her an unamed source. There is a lot of those in the news these days.

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Committee Suggests Decibel Limit For Springdale

If the council meeting was over the limit what would a lawn mower be on a saturday morning when trying to beat the heat. Most people don't own decimeters so is there a warning first or a ticket. Just curious

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Newspapers’ website gets makeover

It looks like it gave you more room for ads. It is real busy had to hunt a little and the font as mentioned above is to light and nedds to be darker.

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PUBLIC VIEWPOINT: Hold Military Event Elsewhere

The military is a career option for a lot of kids not college bound. It is no different as Walmart recruiting there. I believe in mandatory service at least for two years. We have lost what has made this country strong. As for the school I don't mind my tax money being used to recruit great kids for possible careers and come back to improve our community.
The military supplies disapline and structure. that is something that this country needs to impress on some parents.

Fox news is like all the others you have to use your brain and decide what to believe and what you don't. I find it more unbised than MSNBC, CNN is actually coming around. Obama had his affair with all but Fox and i am glad to have at least one news agency that didn't push Obama's ajenda. And Fox finally got a seat in the press room. I just love free speach and my country.

God Bless America

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Last-minute deal avoids shutdown

And were building trails.

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Razorback Greenway Money Secured

I think the roads need more attention than a trail. City roads are in terrible shape and I wonder just how many compared to the population. Heck Springdale needs sidewalks but were waiting for a business to fail and whoever moves in has to put in a sidewalk. This is great for tourism probably but when everything else looks like heck we have nice trails.

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Washington County Assessor Wants New Positions

Is this counting beneifits as well i.e. vacation, health, ect.

April 5, 2011 at 6:24 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

U Visa Benefits Illegal Immigrants

So there going to bust the smugglers for bringing them across our border illegally while carrying drug packs and mistreating them in the process, to get a visa. No this is for after they are here illegally. We have no juristriction in Mexico or Canada(we can't forget our northern border) so who else would be treating them bad but a farmer who hired them, a spouse that is here with them that beats them, a stupid american that abuses or comments a crime on these people. I hope and pray people don't get hurt or abused. This isn't busting up cartels or anything or working very good.

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