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March Will Be A Busy Month

Subscriber onlyAs February comes to a close, and hopefully the snow comes to a close as well, there are several things we hope will excite you about March. Continue reading...

THE POORE PAGE: Adding To An Already Great Staff

New Teachers Take Different Paths To Bentonville Schools

Subscriber onlyIt seems like once July 4 is over we all start to think about the start of another school year. Continue reading...

THE POORE PAGE: July 4 Has Special Meaning To Former Teacher

Make The Extra Call, Drop A Letter Or Go Visit A Friend Or Relative Who Served And Thank Them

Subscriber onlyI am enjoying the reality of presenting this column to you as a community one week prior to July 4. As a former history teacher, July 4 always has special meaning to me. Continue reading...

THE POORE PAGE: An End To A Great School Year

2012-13 Full Of Major Accomplishments For Students, District

Subscriber onlyYou may not realize it, but we are down to our last few days of school. Continue reading...

THE POORE PAGE: Educators Making An Impact

Leaders Should Be Proud Of Area High Schools' Rankings

Subscriber onlyI experienced two enlightening and optimistic moments simultaneously one day this week. Continue reading...

Michael Poore/The Poore Page

Saying Thanks To Teachers

Subscriber onlyThis is our final step in a three-part series highlighting how fortunate we are in Bentonville to have such wonderful employees in our schools. The previous articles touched on how our principals and classified staff impact children daily and make a tremendous difference in young people’s lives. The last group to be highlighted, but certainly not the least, is our hardworking teachers. Continue reading...

POORE PAGE: Classified Employees Make Daily Impact

Many Who Aren't Teachers, Administrators Making Difference Behind The Scenes

Subscriber onlyThis is part two of my series highlighting the wonderful employees of the Bentonville Public Schools. Continue reading...

THE POORE PAGE: Leaders Help Drive Excellence

Principals, Assistant Principals Deserve Large Portion Of Credit

Subscriber onlyI would like to take advantage of the space this column provides to set up a three-part series highlighting employees of Bentonville Public Schools. Our district’s vision statement is “Excellence with Every Step.” This statement exemplifies our first group of employees — our principals and assistant principals. Continue reading...

POORE PAGE: Blessings I Am Thankful For This Season

Writer Proud To Live, Serve In Community That Values Giving In Donations, Volunteering

Subscriber onlyIt’s difficult to imagine how Newtown, Conn., is coping with their losses this holiday season. Continue reading...

THE POORE PAGE: Make A Tradition That Has Impact

What If We All Pitched In And Pledged To Find Ways To Engage Our Youth In Basic Economics?

Subscriber onlyI was in a department store recently and noticed Christmas decorations every where and Christmas music playing. “Isn’t it still November?” I wondered? What has happened to Thanksgiving? Continue reading...

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