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Lowell Grisham: A welcome delayed

Presidential order stymies NWA refugee resettlement

Subscriber onlyI had hoped this week to write about my congregation's experience as hosts for a new refugee family. Continue reading...

Lowell Grisham: A better way to help poor

Governor, Legislature should follow Jesus

Subscriber onlyIn Arkansas the poor pay twice as much of their incomes in taxes as do the wealthy. When you factor in all state taxes, the bottom 60 percent pay 12 cents of every dollar to the state; the richest 1 percent pay less than 6 cents per dollar, according to Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. Continue reading...

Lowell Grisham: A way, in a manger

Reconciling love transcends mankind’s ‘false boundaries’

Subscriber onlyChristians have just celebrated Christmas Day, when we say God comes to humanity uniquely in the birth of the child Jesus. Christmas is also a season, the 12 days between Dec. 25 and Jan. 6, the Feast of the Epiphany. "Epiphany" means "manifestation," and on that day we tell the story of the visit of the Magi (the Wise Men), Gentiles from another land and culture who visit the manger and are welcomed. Continue reading...

Lowell Grisham: Post-election conversations

Many are asking: Where do we go from here?

Subscriber onlySo many people have initiated conversations with me since the election. Pastors are listeners. A safe ear. Several have spoken about how traumatized they feel. Continue reading...

Lowell Grisham: Organization a friend to the homeless

Organization gives people chance to begin recovery of lives

Subscriber onlySo many people live paycheck to paycheck. But what happens if there is a serious illness? Or a job loss? A spouse leaves or becomes abusive. If you don't have a social safety net -- family or generous friends to take you in -- you may become like almost 2,500 of our Northwest Arkansas neighbors: homeless. Continue reading...

Lowell Grisham: Bible-based exclusions?

Scriptures have served as basis for misplaced biases

Subscriber only"Do not call anything impure that God has made clean." Continue reading...

Lowell Grisham: Loving our enemies

Divisions do little to heal, much to harm

Subscriber onlyI can remember a time in college when I thought three stickers on my car would tell people most of what they needed to know about me: a decal for my school, my fraternity and my church. Those were my tribes and my primary forms of identity. They were all good tribes, good relationships. They helped make me who I am. But I don't think of myself that way anymore. Continue reading...

Lowell Grisham: Welcome the strangers

U.S. system to blame for illegal immigration

Subscriber onlyI am a lawbreaker. One of those illegals. Last week I drove to Little Rock. As I left Fayetteville, I set my cruise control to 75 in a 70-mph zone. About half the other cars passed me. Continue reading...

Lowell Grisham: Stop flying that flag

Rally organizers should discourage Confederate display

Subscriber onlyI am a son of the South. A fifth-generation Mississippian. My ancestors fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War. I grew up in a town where we honor our Confederate soldiers with two statues and a famous stained-glass window. I grew up with the old Confederate soldier Col. Rebel as the mascot for my high school and my college athletic teams. Continue reading...

LOWELL GRISHAM: Get off the roller coaster

Emotions felt by all, but they don’t have to rule

Subscriber onlyThe word "emotion" comes from the Latin for movement, agitation, stirring up. Like what happens in your guts when they are stirred up, agitated and moving. The body holds emotions; the body preserves the history of our emotional woundings. Our most primitive emotions dwell in our body like chemical deposits ready to erupt with instant urgency. Emotions are so raw and deep, they feel like truth. Like truth demanding a response. Continue reading...

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