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Commentary: Their path to victory

Terrorists will win if they change who we are

Subscriber onlyIn the aftermath of the Paris attacks, a friend commented sadly, "Everything has changed!" Continue reading...

Commentary: Reach kids early

Benefits of pre-K education are stunning

Subscriber onlyEvery once in a while you run across something so self-evident and compelling it is hard to imagine anyone finding grounds to disagree. In a time of great polarization, wouldn't it be nice to find something everyone can agree upon. The evidence documenting the educational, social and economic benefits of quality pre-kindergarten school programs is abundantly convincing. This seems like an issue Republicans and Democrats can embrace together. I find that encouraging. Continue reading...

Commentary: Seeking loft

Seeking interior silence, finding the infinite

Subscriber onlyIt can be maddening and depressing to invest energy and attention in the current congressional and presidential battles for power. In the presence of sheer banality, the soul cries for more. Continue reading...

Commentary: A broken system

Five decades later, case for death is unconvincing

Subscriber onlyIn tenth grade, my teacher, Mrs. Keyes, determined to teach our class how to debate. The assignment: Prepare for both sides of the argument. You won't know which side you will defend until the day of the debate. Your topic--Capital punishment and the death penalty. Continue reading...

Ordinance fits Jesus' teachings

Discriminatory practices happen to LGBT neighbors

Subscriber onlyWhen a pastor lets it be known that he does not condemn but accepts LGBT neighbors, he hears stories that you won't hear otherwise. I hear these stories. Continue reading...

Love, peace are the way

Election year threatens with fear, division

Subscriber onlySometimes I think, if only Christians would embrace the values of Jesus, so much division and fear would evaporate. Continue reading...

Expanding Christian Compassion

History full of changes in believers’ attitudes

Subscriber onlyWhat do the following things have in common: Same-sex marriage; representative democracy; the abolition of slavery; borrowing at interest; monogamy; women's suffrage; racial integration; blood transfusions; birth control; divorce; drinking alcohol; capital punishment; war; paying taxes; inter-faith marriage; and interracial marriage? Continue reading...

Too much whine

Our modern lives can evoke lack of appreciation

Subscriber onlyI was facing several deadlines late on a Friday afternoon when a colleague sent me a document I needed to process. Just sign it and scan it back, he said. Continue reading...

Commentary: One of ours

Broken immigration system targets young man

Subscriber onlyAll parents worry about their children. Especially when they start to drive. And when they begin to experiment with alcohol. Continue reading...

Commentary: Arkansas Legislature is not blessing for needy

Lawmakers give to rich, take from poor

Subscriber onlyOK, I've got a dog in this hunt. My wife directs our local network of federally qualified health centers for Benton and Washington counties--Community Clinic. Clinics like hers have enjoyed bipartisan support across the nation since their founding 50 years ago. Continue reading...

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