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LOWELL GRISHAM: Colors of life

All stages of development have room for God

Subscriber onlyThere are patterns in the development of human consciousness. We all start as infants, with primitive, self-centered needs for survival. Later we experience a wondrous, magical, fairy-tale world. As we grow, we make sense of our place in the world through our family and other close relationships. As our context widens, we usually develop a rational capacity; we start to question things for ourselves. Eventually some people develop a more pluralistic, universal perspective. Continue reading...

Lowell Grisham: Scriptures call for justice

Imagining how lessons would apply to nation’s actions, inaction

Subscriber onlyTwo of the most important words in the Hebrew Scriptures are mishpat and tzedakah. Continue reading...

Lowell Grisham: Bad laws need resistance

Protests reflect failure to “love your neighbor”

Subscriber onlyOne of the reasons Jesus was killed was because he broke the law. Jesus had a prophetic attitude toward the law, and it got him into arguments and into trouble. Continue reading...

Lowell Grisham: A monumental challenge

Could adding statues help nation tell its complex story?

Subscriber onlySymbols are powerful. Symbols participate in the reality they represent. They carry some of the presence and energy of whatever they point toward. A soldier will risk death for the flag because of what it means to the soldier. Continue reading...

Lowell Grisham: In line and waiting

Deferred action program’s future leaves many in limbo

Subscriber onlyMy friend Jonathan plans to return to the Apache reservation for the fourth time this fall to continue the Christian mission work he has been doing to help overcome high rates of depression and alcoholism within the tribe and to tutor education and faith development. He has a gift for inspiring. With his infectious smile and boundless energy, Jonathan can make people believe in their best possibilities. Continue reading...

Lowell Grisham: Who would Jesus insure?

Stories of Bible offer insights into health care

Subscriber onlyWhat do we owe one another in society? How do we structure our laws to promote freedom and justice for all? When Jesus was asked that question, he had a ready answer: "Love your neighbor as yourself." Continue reading...

Lowell Grisham: A gift that keeps giving

Medicare coverage should start at birth, not 65

Subscriber onlyI had a birthday last week. It was a big one. This was the year when I got the best birthday card ever, my Medicare Health Insurance card. Continue reading...

Lowell Grisham: A Jesus world

What if more people responded like Him?

Subscriber onlyHow different might our culture be if we engaged our world as Jesus engaged his? Jesus challenged conventional thinking. Continue reading...

Lowell Grisham: No hint of separation

In Jesus’ life, no one beyond God’s presence

Subscriber onlyJesus seemed to see God's presence everywhere. Continue reading...

Lowell Grisham: Turning to the right

Union, relationships nurtured in brain’s right hemisphere

Subscriber onlyJill Bolte Taylor is a neuroanatomist. She studies the brain and the nervous system. At the age of 37, she had a massive stroke. As the left hemisphere of her brain shut down, she experienced a profound sense of peace and beauty. "My spirit soared free like a great whale gliding through the sea of silent euphoria!" She knew herself to be one with everyone and everything that is. Her book about her experience is titled, "My Stroke of Insight." Continue reading...

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