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Writer goes rogue

Editor only wants column by deadline

Subscriber onlyConversation which might or might not have occurred with my editor: Continue reading...

Watch yore language

English is hard work

Subscriber onlyWe adults can complicate pert near anything, especially communication. Take a gander at your latest homeowner's policy or telephone bill, and tell me either couldn't be improved by a third-grader. Continue reading...

Postcards speak volumes

Soldier’s short missive leaves story unfinished

Subscriber onlyHello Honey Continue reading...

Gravy, gravy, gravy

Check yes or no

Subscriber onlyWhile I was having dinner with a group of friends, the server leaned over the table, porcelain bowl in hand. Continue reading...

Old dog's way

Writer pays tribute to girls’ best friend

Subscriber onlyLisa Kelley is away this week. In her stead, her dog, Baxter, submits a poem: Continue reading...

Suckers come to fight

Blood thicker than gene pool

Subscriber onlyMy family tree has a lot of suckers. You know, those shoots that come up here and there from the roots and base. Given the fact that some of my mama's lineage married and remarried like it was a competitive sport, some of my closest "relations" aren't related at all. Take for instance, my Grammy. Continue reading...

Strangers go extra mile

Old, beloved truck stalls in right place

Subscriber onlyFolks said it was bound to happen, and one day, folks were right. Driving down five lanes in Bentonville, Blue Belle stopped in her tracks. I pumped the gas pedal and turned the key. She sputtered and tried to get up, then finally sighed and laid there like an old hunting dog after a day spent running squirrels. Continue reading...

Go with the flow

Cold-blooded float down Buffalo River

Subscriber only"That looks weird," I said, nodding upstream as my friends and I pulled our kayaks onto a gravel bar for a break in our half-day float down the Buffalo River. Continue reading...

Truly breath taking

Immersing senses in present moment

Subscriber onlyI write this column while seated on a rock at the edge of Horseshoe Bend outside of Page, Ariz. The sun is rising behind me -- which, not being a morning person, are words I don't typically string together. It takes my breath away, both the view and the 5 o'clock hour. Continue reading...

Tornados and baloney

Spring season for lawyer jokes

Subscriber onlyTalk is cheap. Continue reading...

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