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Pages from the past

Family Bibles more than just God’s word

Subscriber onlyHoly Bible Continue reading...

Is Islam in Crisis? Imam: Muslim Terrorists Don't Know What Allah Has Given Them

Imam: Muslim Terrorists Don’t Know What Allah Has Given Them

Subscriber onlyNaseem Mahdi issued a salam -- a greeting -- "from God, who is the source of peace and security." Continue reading...

Emma, We Love You

Springdale served as market for Northwest Arkansas

Subscriber onlySpringdale and its Emma Avenue once were the centerpiece of commerce in Northwest Arkansas. Continue reading...


Missionary from Jews for Jesus demonstrates seder for Christian congregation

Subscriber onlyThe 10th plague was the worst. Hail, locusts and frogs had not convinced Pharaoh to free God's chosen people from slavery in Egypt. Continue reading...


Jesus’ trimphal entry set in motion week’s events leading to Passion

Subscriber onlyPalm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week, area clergy state simply. It celebrates Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem. Continue reading...

Forgotten history

Students learn about Arkansas internment camps

Subscriber onlyAn overlooked and even forgotten chapter of American history played out in Arkansas during World War II. The American government established two Japanese relocation centers in southeast Arkansas. Continue reading...

Lord's majesty offers room for all who seek peace

Subscriber onlyA man slipped while walking along the rim of the Grand Canyon. He grabbed a branch sticking out of the rocks. Hanging on for dear life he prayed: "God, I'm not a religious person. I try to do the right thing. I'm a good father and husband. I give to charity and live by the Golden Rule. I don't want to die. Help me!" He awaited an answer ... silence. Continue reading...

Rising from the depths

Monte Ne memories surface at Shiloh Museum

Subscriber onlyWith snow on the ground, a promise of more to come and wind chills dipping low, it might seem ironic anyone would come to the Ozarks to cool off. But that's what many did in the early 20th century. Continue reading...

'Beauty' of Teenage Girls Shines During Retreat

Subscriber onlyA sleepover with a fashion show, makeup hacks and plenty of "swag" sounds like a night out with the Mean Girls. Continue reading...

Been There

Rapha Center Offers Free Counseling to Restore Women’s Lives

Subscriber onlyYou are not alone. Continue reading...

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