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'Scroll of us'

Congregation Etz Chaim invites community to restore historic Torah

Subscriber only"The Torah reveals a beautiful way to aspire to and live a life of holiness through the various religious observances, ethical standards of conduct and justice, and the bounds of a civil society that God reveals in the Torah's words," said Rabbi Robert Lennick, spiritual leader of Congregation Etz Chaim in Bentonville. Continue reading...

150 years of history: St. James Baptist celebrates anniversary of congregation founded for former slaves

St. James Baptist celebrates anniversary of congregation founded for former slaves

Subscriber only"God has always had a plan for St. James," says Raymond House, the narrator of a video put together for the 150th anniversary of St. James Missionary Baptist Church in Fayetteville. Continue reading...

Walk the walk: Springdale students follow trail through American history

Springdale students follow trail through history

Subscriber onlyWho is George Wythe? When and where was the first permanent English settlement established in the New World? What happened at Fort McHenry? Continue reading...

Love story: Treasures found in trunk reveal romance of young couple

Treasures found in trunk reveal more than romance

Subscriber onlyDearest Sweetheart, I can't wait until our next embrace. Continue reading...

Faith Matters: Simplicity of Islam -- No God but Allah

Subscriber onlyMuhammad (Peace and blessings of God be on him.) had been teaching a profound yet very simple message for 13 years in Mecca: There is but one God. The concept was definitely not new. Muhammad attributes it to Jesus, Moses, Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, Noah and others. Yet the beauty of its expression in the enchanting verses of Quran -- revealed from God to Muhammad -- appealed to many, unlettered slaves and tough warriors alike. Continue reading...

USS Arkansas: State's namesake battleship serves country for 30-plus years

State’s namesake battleship serves only in memory now

Subscriber onlyWhen the U.S. Navy's USS Arkansas (B33) settled into a berth in October 1945 at the Seattle seaport, most people thought her mighty career had ended. Arkansas Gov. Ben Laney was in Seattle to salute the lady. Continue reading...

Not too chicken

Students spend summer in the field

Subscriber only"Are they growing any?" Chad Burkett asked senior Shelby Calico about her small flock of chickens, among which were Cochins she plans to enter in the fair. "Do you let them out in the daytime? Do you have any trouble with chicken hawks? Have you wormed them? You will need to do that before the fair." Continue reading...

Hidden History: Pea Ridge site sees more than just three days of battle

Pea Ridge site sees more than just battle remnants

Subscriber onlyOff the beaten path of the park tour road, beyond the preserved battlefields, behind the brush and brambles of a summer woodland, Pea Ridge National Military Park conceals many features unseen by most guests. Those secrets tell a story not only of the battle but of life in the Ozarks before and after those fateful March days in 1862, when Federal forces during the Civil War won control of Missouri for the Union. Continue reading...

Local ministries taken for granted

Subscriber onlyAlthough not quite as formal, ushers in Northwest Arkansas churches play an important role in weekly worship services. Continue reading...

15-year-olds travel to Texas with hopes for the diamond

15-year-olds swing for the diamond

Subscriber only"On 3 and 2, what are we going to do? We want a ground ball so we can get him out, not walk him." Continue reading...

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