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HOYT PURVIS: Historic 'papers'

The Post shines light on tense standoff

Subscriber onlyIf you haven't seen The Post, it is a film I recommend. Continue reading...

HOYT PURVIS: Trapped in Congress

A rainy visit brings partisan politics to mind

Subscriber onlyA few weeks ago I was on Capitol Hill in Washington, visiting congressional offices to urge continued support for a program I believe is highly important and worthwhile. In almost every office I visited, the members and their staffs were welcoming, congenial and receptive. However, at one point, as I was making my appointed rounds to the House and Senate office buildings, I got caught in a torrential downpour, with no umbrella -- not that it would have helped much -- and only a light jacket. I was in no-man's land on the Capitol grounds -- in between the House side and the Senate side on the East side of the Capitol. Within a couple of minutes, the few people who had been traversing the grounds had all disappeared. Continue reading...

HOYT PURVIS: Books from last year worthy of readers' time

Roy Reed’s writings deserving of attention

Subscriber onlyFor many years around this time, I have written about books -- notable, interesting, subjects of special significance, usually recent publications. Continue reading...

HOYT PURVIS: Concentrating power

Media regulation changes could have big impact

Subscriber onlyThe Trump administration and the Republican congressional majority have had very limited legislative success. However, there are actions engendered by government agencies and Trump appointees within the administration that could have major impact. Continue reading...

HOYT PURVIS: Change not always meaningful

Boasting about it doesn’t make it happen

Subscriber onlyOne year ago, America woke to the dawn of a new era in national politics. Continue reading...

Hoyt Purvis: War is the word

Trump, nation would benefit from some caution

Subscriber onlyWar is the theme of our time. Continue reading...

Hoyt Purvis: Televised lessons from the past

Central High, Vietnam War recall challenging times

Subscriber onlyI've been watching television a lot in recent days. Continue reading...

Hoyt Purvis: Political winds shift

Hurricane changes outlook on governance

Subscriber onlyBlowback is a term applied to an unforeseen and unwanted effect, result or set of repercussions. Normally, we associate it with actions or policies in international affairs; for example, supplying arms to a group or faction only to have those weapons later turned against the supplier. Continue reading...

Hoyt Purvis: Hypocritic vs. Hippocratic

Distrust in Washington makes real progress difficult

Subscriber onlyAs the nation continues to stumble and bumble along a path that might lead to a reasonable, manageable health-care system, the issue is consistently dominated by political considerations rather than legitimate concerns about affordable and accessible medical care. Continue reading...

Hoyt Purvis: Independence Day with Brezhnev

Memories of meeting with Soviet leader still vivid

Subscriber onlyMost of us have memories and recollections we associate with the Fourth of July: family gatherings, fireworks, picnics and cookouts, baseball, swimming, fishing, the "Capitol Fourth" on the mall in Washington, in person or on TV. Continue reading...

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