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Commentary: Trade and tradeoffs

Candidates keep economic debate overly simple

Subscriber onlyCertain certainties have long characterized American international economic and security policies. Pillars of those policies have been the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and, at least rhetorically, the principle of free trade. Continue reading...

Police: Suspect in Virginia bus station shooting dead; 3 others hurt

RICHMOND, Va. — A gunman shot a Virginia state trooper Thursday at a busy bus terminal in the capital city of Richmond before he was shot dead by two other troopers, police said. Two civilians were hurt, though it was not clear if they had been shot. Continue reading...

Commentary: Leadership talk, action

Obama’s recent diplomacy easily defended

Subscriber onlyWhat this country needs is strong leadership. Continue reading...

Commentary: A slew of slurs

Trump helping to devalue facts in presidential campaign

Subscriber onlyStanding in line at my voting precinct on primary day, I heard comments from two people in front of me. "I don't know if this is where we are supposed to vote," the man said. 'I haven't voted in a long time." And the lady with him commented, "We just want to vote against Trump and Hillary Clinton." Told that they would have to choose either a Republican or Democratic ballot, they were unhappy and didn't understand why they couldn't vote in both primaries. Continue reading...

Commentary: Primaries become primary in elections of presidents

Arkansas dates have shifted with political winds

Subscriber onlyAs the so-called SEC primary date of March 1 approaches, it brings reflections on primaries past and the whole primary system. Continue reading...

Commentary: Foreign policy by swagger

Talk is cheap, but can be costly in world relations

Subscriber onlyForeign policy and international issues tend to become significant subjects in presidential campaigns, although many experts anticipated the current campaign would turn on economic issues. And there are clearly economic problems, particularly the uneven recovery from the 2007-8 financial crisis. However, driven by growing fears and concerns about terrorism, national security and international affairs have taken center stage and generated an abundance of overheated and unrealistic rhetoric in the process. Continue reading...

Commentary: A supurb politician

Bumpers defeated heavyweights, demonstrated leadership

Subscriber onlyArkansas has produced a disproportionate share of superb politicians. In the very top rank of that group stands Dale Bumpers, former governor and U.S. senator who died a few days ago. Continue reading...

Commentary: They said what?

Candidates drag down level of national dialogue

Subscriber onlyThe downward spiral in the quality of the national political dialogue continues to accelerate. The rhetoric is more insipid than inspiring. Continue reading...

Commentary: About that media bias

Targeting media a tried, true campaign tactic

Subscriber onlyI ask you, "Is the media biased?" Continue reading...

Commentary: The high cost of intervention

Heightened instability among the risks of involvement

Subscriber onlyIn the final months of 1979, a series of events with major international consequences occurred. Among the most significant of those was the hostage-taking by Iranian militants at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union. Continue reading...

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