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Commentary: A Mayflower Compact?

Religious liberty not about imposing faith on others

Subscriber onlyThere is a lot of talk these days about religious liberty. Continue reading...

Commentary: Flirting with demagoguery

Trump dazzles electorate with in-your-face style

Subscriber onlyThat Donald Trump's campaign is a phenomenon is undeniable. Continue reading...

Commentary: Presidential politics prevail

Work in Congress entangled with race for White House

Subscriber onlyCongress is in the midst of its traditional August recess, five weeks of no congressional sessions in Washington. But politics, particularly the scrambling among presidential hopefuls, continues unabated. Continue reading...

Commentary: Xenophobia and grace

Displaced people amount to 60 million worldwide

Subscriber onlyA few weeks ago, I traveled to South Africa. Continue reading...

Commentary: A fine example

Lee Williams showed what public service can be

Subscriber onlyIt is hard to believe that it was 48 years ago that I had lunch with Sen. J. William Fulbright and Lee Williams, his administrative assistant, in the senators' dining room in Washington. Continue reading...

Commentary: Trade's strange bedfellows

Obama’s hope for Asian agreement depends on GOP

Subscriber onlyJust when it seemed those currently in Congress would adhere to rigid party positions on every issue, we see some interesting diversions from the narrow path. Continue reading...

Commentary: Hot Springs, Buffalo River face challenges

Hot Springs, Buffalo River face challenges

Subscriber onlyLast week we marked Earth Day and National Parks Week. . Continue reading...

Commentary: Conservatives meet resistance even as power grows in states

Conservatives meet resistance even as power grows in states

Subscriber onlyFor months, attention has been focused on the gridlock that grips our national legislative body in Washington. Continue reading...

Commentary: Cotton, others tamper with U.S. diplomacy

Cotton, others tamper with U.S. diplomacy

Subscriber onlyCongress, particularly the United States Senate, has a role to play in American foreign policy. Continue reading...

Commentary: TV news vs. entertainment

Blurred lines doing damage to journalists’ credibility

Subscriber onlyEntertainment and exaggeration are defining characteristics of much of American news media coverage, especially television. Continue reading...

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