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Controlling the agenda

Controlling the agenda

Subscriber onlyLater this week we will witness the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president. Continue reading...

Hoyt Purvis: Trump's inexperience, demeanor challenging

President-elect adds to world’s unpredictability

Subscriber onlyThere are many uncertainties about the directions foreign policy will take under a President Trump. Continue reading...

Hoyt Purvis: Facts, fiction or none of the above

A few recommendations for winter reading

Subscriber onlyAt this time of year, I customarily write a column about books -- notable, interesting, subjects of special significance, usually recent volumes. Continue reading...

Hoyt Purvis: A bipartisan example?

Trump could learn a few things from Fulbright

Subscriber onlyA few hours after President-elect Trump met with outgoing President Obama at the White House last Thursday, another event took place a few blocks away. Continue reading...

Presidential parallels, paradoxes

Rough campaign conjures church wars of 1930s

Subscriber onlyAs a youngster growing up in Jonesboro, I heard a lot about the city’s church war of the 1930s. Some of it seemed hard to believe, but the then-small town in Northeast Arkansas had indeed been the scene of a fierce struggle for control of local pulpits and congregations. Continue reading...

Hoyt Purvis: The media blame game

Trump views reporting, questions as bias

Subscriber onlyWhen this campaign finally ends, there will be lots of post-mortem examination of the role of the media. Indeed, that topic has been at the center of controversy throughout the campaign process. Continue reading...

Hoyt Purvis: The fear factor

Presidential campaign has shades of prior contests

Subscriber onlyHas there ever been a presidential campaign like this one? Continue reading...

Hoyt Purvis: The challenges ahead

Trump, Clinton face different obstacles

Subscriber onlyThe unprecedented nature of the presidential campaign has many dimensions and sub-themes. The campaign has already been marked by a series of extraordinary developments, with more undoubtedly ahead. Continue reading...

Hoyt Purvis: Convention momentum?

Democrats make most of quadrennial party gathering

Subscriber onlyParty political conventions are intended to be packaged and presented as entertainingly as possible. We saw this in the two recently completed events. Their primary goal, of course, is to give their presidential nominees a thrust into the remaining weeks of the campaign. Continue reading...

Commentary: Emails, tweets help drive presidential politics

Technology changing way campaigns play out

Subscriber onlyPresidential election cycles and major political activities often utilize new technologies and techniques. Sometimes the technologies themselves can figure significantly into the political picture. Continue reading...

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