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Between the lines: The road ahead

Group makes recommendations on highway funding

Subscriber onlyThat working group looking for ways to finance highways in Arkansas has finished its work, setting up a potential legislative fight over spending priorities. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Insider politics?

Challenger’s strategy means tough road for Boozman

Subscriber onlySmart money is on U.S. Sen. John Boozman to retain his post as Arkansas' senior senator in next year's general election. Continue reading...

For Arkansas governor, fear trumps compassion

Hutchinson gets it wrong on refugees

Subscriber onlyGovernors from more than half of the states have now thrown up barriers to Syrian refugees. Continue reading...

Between the lines: 'The right thing'

Ferritor delivers campus message of inclusion

Subscriber onlyDan Ferritor's call for a recommitment to the cause "of justice, equality and inclusion to all" ought to be heard far beyond the University of Arkansas campus he serves as interim chancellor. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Races aplenty for 2016

Candidates challenge Boozman, other incumbents

Subscriber onlyElection 2016 is not exclusively about choosing a new president. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Getting higher on pot

Arkansans favorable to medical marijuana, poll says

Subscriber onlyResults of this year's Arkansas Poll suggest the road may be paved for passage in this state of a medical marijuana law. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Behind the lecterns

Even botched debates give public glimpses of candidates

Subscriber onlyLet's start with this observation: CNBC debate moderators asked several snarky questions in last week's third Republican presidential debate. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Arkansas connections

Push for statewide Internet gets new life

Subscriber onlyThe quest continues to connect all of Arkansas to the Internet and at faster speeds. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Fueling the long haul

Panels give governor feedback on highway funding

Subscriber onlyHere comes a familiar and not-so-welcome pitch. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Clinton's path gets easier

Benghazi hearing, Biden decision help Hillary 2016

Subscriber onlyIt was a week to remember, the week that saw Hillary Clinton's path to the Democratic nomination, if not the White House, swept clear. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Will Joe make a go?

Clinton debate, committee performance key to the answer

Subscriber onlyCuriously, the talk after last week's Democratic debate seemed less about what the presidential candidates had to say than about how it affected one viewer. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Sheriffs back diversion

Options for mentally ill needed across Arkansas

Subscriber onlyThe latest conversation may have begun because of overcrowding in state prisons and county jails, but it should take root for other reasons. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Making a huge impact

Arkansas private option gets high marks in study

Subscriber onlyA recently released report declared the obvious: Arkansas' Medicaid expansion program, better known as the "private option," has had a huge impact on the health care and health insurance landscape of Arkansas. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Season of taxation

Quorum courts, cities weigh annual revenue needs

Subscriber onlyTaxpayers should brace themselves. It is the time of reckoning for local governments. Continue reading...

Between the lines: No consolation

President fatigued, frustrated by another shooting

Subscriber onlyThe image of a president, admittedly powerless against senseless violence such as that experienced last week in Roseburg, Ore., was heart rending. Continue reading...

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