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Between the lines: No consolation

President fatigued, frustrated by another shooting

Subscriber onlyThe image of a president, admittedly powerless against senseless violence such as that experienced last week in Roseburg, Ore., was heart rending. Continue reading...

Early influence

Springdale program seeks to thwart gang connections

Subscriber onlyA Springdale parent explained well the reasoning behind an expanding effort in the local schools to educate young students about gangs -- and more. Continue reading...

Between the Lines: From May to March

Primary change affects campaign considerations

Subscriber onlyPity the people who might run for some office other than president in next year's elections. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Hailing Obamacare

Clinton: President’s health reform law is working

Subscriber onlyHillary Clinton dropped by Arkansas this week to preach a familiar message as she continues her push for the Democratic nomination for president. Continue reading...

Between the lines: A mixed GOP bag

Candidates’ impact through debate appears muddled

Subscriber onlyLast week's debates among Republican presidential hopefuls proved particularly challenging to some of the participants. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Huckabee's bad advice

Candidate brings marriage resistance to Arkansas

Subscriber onlyFormer Gov. Mike Huckabee came back to Arkansas last week to make a few headlines over same-sex marriage. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Waiting to see

New Fayetteville ordinance still faces barriers

Subscriber onlyAnd now we wait. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Driving forward

Congress gives state a little room on highway funding

Subscriber onlyHere's hoping the confidence isn't misplaced. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Election drama remains

Fayetteville voters to be heard again on discrimination

Subscriber onlyIn December, when Fayetteville rejected an anti-discrimination ordinance, it was pretty obvious city voters would get another chance at the issue. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Few pigs, sooiee

State gives ban on farms near Buffalo River a five-year try

Subscriber onlyThere will be no more medium and large hog farms permitted in the Buffalo National River watershed for at least the next five years. Continue reading...

Beyond the line of duty

Lowell officer sets a strong example for everyone

Subscriber onlyThe story, which appeared in the newspaper just a few days ago, bears repeating. A Lowell patrol officer stepped in, on his own time and his own dime, to help a stranded traveler last week. Continue reading...

'Option' on the table

Hutchinson offers ideas on insurance program

Subscriber onlyThe future of Arkansas' "private option" insurance plan for the poor is far from settled. Continue reading...

Between the lines: A road to nowhere

Shrinking cash to cities, counties no winner for state

Subscriber onlyHighway funding talk last week slipped into some politically dangerous territory. Continue reading...

Between the lines:

Trump defies predictions in crowded GOP field

Subscriber onlyAnyone who follows presidential politics must acknowledge Donald Trump's meteoric rise in the polls. Continue reading...

Hospital a healthy development

Springdale prepares for new Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Subscriber onlyNorthwest Arkansas has scored another important addition with the announcement that Arkansas Children's Hospital will build a 24-bed facility in Springdale. Continue reading...

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