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Springdale stands up to violence

Neighbors, leaders stand up to violence

Subscriber onlyA strong turnout for last week's peace walk in Springdale was an encouraging sign. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Ex-governor Huckabee appears headed for presidential run

Ex-governor appears headed for presidential run

Subscriber onlyLet's see, there was the announcement that former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was leaving his conservative talk show on FOX News, presumably because he might run for president. Continue reading...

Investigate thyself

Probe into Washington County bridge mess gets rough ride

Subscriber onlyThe attorney general won't investigate. Neither will the prosecuting attorney. So, Washington County will try to investigate itself. Continue reading...

Between the lines: "Arkansas Travelers" prepped to promote Hillary Clinton

Campaign volunteers from state prepped to wield their influence

Subscriber onlyLittle will be easy for Hillary Clinton in her second bid for the presidency, not even in Arkansas, where she got 70 percent of the primary election vote her first time around. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Questions about bridge work linger in Washington County

County attorney says answers will be found

Subscriber onlyWashington County Attorney Steve Zega made a point earlier this month about as plainly as it can be made. Continue reading...

Resisting a big shift

Fewer people willing to accept discrimination

Subscriber onlyArkansas' legislative session came to an end embroiled in debate over religious freedom and discrimination. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Hammerschmidt’s service

Congressman served as mentor, worked across party lines

Subscriber onlyJohn Boozman's recent remembrance of John Paul Hammerschmidt defines the pioneering politician well. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Religious freedom bill seen as discrimination

Religious freedom bill seen as discrimination

Subscriber onlyArkansas, a state that still struggles with the lingering images of 1957 Little Rock and other vestiges of racism, can scarcely afford the disdain the state Legislature is attracting now. Continue reading...

Between the lines: State agency tries to lighten its load

State agency tries to lighten its load

Subscriber onlyA bill to reduce the state's highway system would have serious ramifications for local governments. Continue reading...

That do-nothing Legislature

At least when it comes to constitutional amendments

Subscriber onlyNotable news from the state Legislature involves what it hasn't done as well as what it has. Continue reading...

UA System president eyes characteristics of chancellor

UA System president eyes characteristics of chancellor

Subscriber onlyThere's no doubt about it. A new chancellor for the University of Arkansas' Fayetteville campus must relate to all sorts of people. Continue reading...

Commentary: Lawmakers risk repeat of past education shortcomings

Lawmakers risk repeat of past education shortcomings

Subscriber onlyGov. Asa Hutchinson and the state Legislature have undone what their predecessors in office fought hard to do little more than a decade ago. Continue reading...

Fighting for transparency

Public’s interest served by open records, meetings

Subscriber onlyNational Sunshine Week again finds Arkansas in the midst of a legislative session in which numerous lawmakers are trying to blunt public access to information. Continue reading...

Between the lines:

“Rehoming” becomes familiar in debate over adoption

Subscriber onlyRehoming? Really? Continue reading...

Hutchinson brings end to tax revenue reroute for highways

Hutchinson brings end to tax revenue reroute

Subscriber onlyA resurrected idea to siphon money for highways from state general funds died more quickly than expected. Continue reading...

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