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BRENDA BLAGG: Exorcizing restraint

High Court say’s medical marijuana halt was premature

Subscriber onlyDon't take last week's Arkansas Supreme Court ruling to allow the issue of medical marijuana cultivation licenses as the last word on the issue. Continue reading...

Separation anxiety

Nation reacts to Trumped-up assault on families

Subscriber onlyOnce you've heard the recording of wailing children supposedly held in a U.S. border detention facility, how can anyone ignore the abominable federal policy that put them there? Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Have gun, will teach?

Panel suggests districts have option to arm some educators, staff

Subscriber onlyGet ready for another debate over guns in Arkansas schools. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Delayed harvest

Case keeps medical marijuana process tied up

Subscriber onlyThe growing season for medical marijuana in Arkansas is proving to be a long one. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Lacking interest

State voter turnout minuscule for 2018 primary election

Subscriber onlyAnyone looking for insight into Arkansas politics from last week's primary elections got at best a partial sense of Arkansans' state of mind. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: A frustrating process

Getting attorney general’s OK on ballot proposals challenging

Subscriber onlySomething was missing Tuesday at polling places across Arkansas. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Change is gonna come

Primary elections begin season of political shifts

Subscriber onlyNext week's primary elections in Arkansas will come with change, if not many fireworks. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Bag grocery tax, governor says

Political heat prompts specific rejection of notion

Subscriber onlyGov. Asa Hutchinson decided last week to weigh in strongly against raising the sales tax on groceries. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Taxing groceries again?

Task force considers ending popular tax exemption

Subscriber onlySeriously? Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Not in the cards?

Casino advocates struggle for attorney general’s approval

Subscriber onlyDriving Arkansas Forward has stalled again. Continue reading...

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