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Brenda Blagg: A welcome fight

Fayetteville continues push for anti-discrimination law

Subscriber onlyA controversial Fayetteville ordinance is down but not out -- at least not yet. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Unnecessary damage

Bathroom bill will only flush state’s reputation

Subscriber onlyArkansas is set to undergo the same sort of disastrous scrutiny that has cost North Carolina dearly. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Concealed carry gets hairy

Campus gun bill is amended, sparking political maneuvers

Subscriber onlyState Rep. Charlie Collins' campus-carry bill picked up a notable amendment last week. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: An open government legacy

Rockefeller, others led effort to let Arkansans in

Subscriber onlyThis week marks the 50th anniversary of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Getting the picture

Study demonstrates growing population of homeless

Subscriber onlyThe homeless count in Northwest Arkansas took a significant leap this year. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Are tax cuts premature?

Revenue data show challenges for state budget

Subscriber onlyThere are some pretty mixed messages coming out of Little Rock. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Never mind the opposition

Collins’ campus carry bill favored by state’s lawmakers

Subscriber onlyState Rep. Charlie Collins, R-Fayetteville, is absolutely convinced he is right when it comes to allowing faculty and staff of Arkansas' institutions of higher learning to carry concealed weapons on campus. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Trump's unsettling leadership

Nation responds to president’s limits on refugees

Subscriber onlyThe first days of Donald Trump's presidency have rattled the conscience of a lot of Americans. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Just a march or momentum?

Women demonstrate, but will they turn it into action

Subscriber onlyLast week's women's marches in Washington, D.C., and all across the globe left an indelible image. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Trump's dark vision

President’s focus on the “carnage” of nation

Subscriber onlyDonald Trump is president. Continue reading...

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