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BRENDA BLAGG: Limiting voters' choices

Tighter term limits appear headed toward approval

Subscriber onlyBad acts by some Arkansas lawmakers may help fuel a bad decision by this state's voters in November. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: A challenging time

Ballot issues face legal battles before election

Subscriber onlyA Pulaski County judge did Arkansas voters the favor last week of disqualifying Issue 1, that mess of a constitutional amendment proposed by the Arkansas Legislature. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Bad directions?

Driving Arkansas Forward’s message criticized

Subscriber onlyThe pitch was always a little too clever. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Tiny, tiny Trump

President shows who he is in response to McCain’s death

Subscriber onlyThe passing of an American hero has stirred the conscience of this nation, at least temporarily. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: A promising future

Location-based scholarships have positive effects

Subscriber onlyPromise made. Promise kept. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Campaign crunch time

Candidates, advocates ready to engage for fall contests

Subscriber onlyLabor Day is in the not-too-distant future, and so is the unofficial start of the fall political campaign. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Term limits redux

Advocates for 10-year cap get measure on ballot

Subscriber onlyHere we go again, Arkansas. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: The clock is ticking

Advocates for ballot measures work to get signatures

Subscriber onlyThe folks working to get issues to the Arkansas general election ballot are down to their last few weeks of opportunity. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: No friends of Putin

Arkansas reps unhappy with Trump’s Helsinki statements

Subscriber onlyLast week's Helsinki summit, or its aftermath, provided some useful reflection from this state's congressional delegation. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: The smoke clears

But medical marijuana’s path still uncertain

Subscriber onlyCall what's happening now a reboot for medical marijuana in Arkansas. Continue reading...

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