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Brenda Blagg: Highway funding run over

Bond issue, sales tax on fuel goes down in Ledge

Subscriber onlyA proposed highway package, including a 20-year bond issue to fund a major maintenance program, is apparently dead for this session of the Legislature. Continue reading...

One albatross is gone

Dual holiday needed to go

Subscriber onlyThe Arkansas Legislature successfully tossed one albatross this session. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: More guns frightening

Collins’ gun bill will have unintended impact

Subscriber onlyArkansas will allow more guns on the state's college campuses and in a lot of other places where they had been prohibited. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: On the roads again

Lawmakers eye bond issue, tax increase of highways

Subscriber onlyArkansas voters may get the chance to fund a serious highway maintenance program. Or not. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: All those Arkansans

Federal lawmakers get plenty of constituent feedback

Subscriber onlyMaybe U.S. Sen. John Boozman's tele-town hall last week carried a bit more weight than originally thought. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Don't let secrecy win

State lawmakers hope to shred public access to records

Subscriber onlyHeads up, Arkansas. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: A tale of two town halls

Boozman, Cotton take starkly different approaches

Subscriber onlyRecent town halls conducted by Arkansas' two U.S. senators couldn't have been more different -- in experience or impact. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: A welcome fight

Fayetteville continues push for anti-discrimination law

Subscriber onlyA controversial Fayetteville ordinance is down but not out -- at least not yet. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Unnecessary damage

Bathroom bill will only flush state’s reputation

Subscriber onlyArkansas is set to undergo the same sort of disastrous scrutiny that has cost North Carolina dearly. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Concealed carry gets hairy

Campus gun bill is amended, sparking political maneuvers

Subscriber onlyState Rep. Charlie Collins' campus-carry bill picked up a notable amendment last week. Continue reading...

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