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BRENDA BLAGG: Westside to Parkland

Arkansas introduced to mass school shootings 20 years ago

Subscriber onlyA schoolyard shooting ended the lives of an Arkansas teacher and four students 20 years ago this week. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Real news matters

Coverage, open government laws critical for public

Subscriber onlyArkansas citizens have even more reason this year to appreciate the state law that grants them access to most government meetings and records. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Challenging times

Many incumbents get opponents for 2018 elections

Subscriber onlyDon't expect Arkansas to be a hotbed for change in this year's midterm elections. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Upping the ante

Casino backers whittle away opposition to change

Subscriber onlyBackers of a proposed constitutional amendment to allow casino gambling are some clever folks. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Ready for action

Young people clamor for safety after Parkland

Subscriber onlyBe encouraged by these young people raising their voices in the wake of the latest mass shooting. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Load'em up!

Training, licensing for ‘enhanced’ gun carry begins

Subscriber onlyMost likely, there are concealed-carry weapons on some of the state's college campuses today. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Justice long delayed

Questions about who else failed Nassar’s victims lingers

Subscriber onlyLarry Nassar's fate is sealed. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Another pleads guilty

Lawmaker admits to felonies involving state money

Subscriber onlyAnother Arkansas legislator is out because of misdeeds in office. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: A tempered victory

Road for opponents to hog farm remains long

Subscriber onlyThat highly controversial hog farm in the Buffalo National River's watershed has been denied a state permit for its continued operation. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: This week's outrage

President could learn a lot from Civil Rights Trail

Subscriber onlyHow is this for stark juxtaposition? As the president of the United States was reportedly demonstrating his racist leanings, Southern states were banding together to promote the U.S. Civil Rights Trail. Continue reading...

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