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Between the lines: Cities defy lawmakers' intent

Future of local laws may still rest in Legislators’ hands

Subscriber onlyEureka Springs fully intends to enforce its anti-discrimination ban. So, too, will Little Rock, Hot Springs and Pulaski County. Continue reading...

NWA Council looks to future

Young movers and shakers sought throughout region

Subscriber onlyOne of the quotes coming out of last week's celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Northwest Arkansas Council was spot on. It came from John Elrod, a founding member of the private, nonprofit organization of business and civic leaders. Continue reading...

Appearances by Trump, Clinton bring attention to Arkansas

Speeches by Trump, Clinton focus attention on Arkansas

Subscriber onlyWhat did Arkansas gain from last week's moment in the national political spotlight? Continue reading...

No shortcuts to highway funding

Congressional inaction slows state road projects

Subscriber onlyPotholes going untended on Arkansas highways — not to mention the delay of larger projects — can be blamed largely on the federal government. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Complaints sunk testing

Hutchinson appointees help drive switch to ACT

Subscriber onlyGov. Asa Hutchinson got his way last week with the state Board of Education. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Go hogs, go?

Momentum for five-year farm ban near Buffalo grows

Subscriber onlyCall it progress. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Marriage reaction not over

Supreme Court decision sparks response in Arkansas

Subscriber onlyThe U.S. Supreme Court's historic ruling on same-sex marriage was greeted by pure joy from supporters of the decision. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Lay 'Dixie' down

Today’s rebellion mirrors UA dispute in 1969

Subscriber onlySome Arkansas people will rally today in Russellville behind the Confederate flag. Continue reading...

Between the lines: That amazing grace

President’s eulogy could heal wounds of division

Subscriber onlyWhen President Obama eulogized a slain pastor in Charleston last week, his words were far more than a tribute to a man tragically murdered in his church. Continue reading...

Is highway solution possible?

Governor appoints task force to look into state’s options

Subscriber onlyYet another panel of Arkansas citizens has taken on what seems like an impossible mission. Continue reading...

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