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Brenda Blagg: Student counsel

UA classmates push for more safety surrounding scooters

Subscriber onlyA scooter safety awareness effort begun on the University of Arkansas campus needs to be extended to all of Fayetteville and beyond. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Republicans in charge

State’s shift was years in making, but it’s in full force now

Subscriber onlyCould it really have been all that long ago when Republicans were but a token minority in the Arkansas Legislature? When the only Republican in major office in Arkansas was the late U.S. Rep. John Paul Hammerschmidt? Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Making the 'media' the enemy

Manipulators count on a lack of discernment

Subscriber onlyConcern is rising among journalists as to what role the press will have in the new order of American politics and beyond. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Arkansas goes to pot

State’s voters set leaders on uncharted course

Subscriber onlyArkansas voters did indeed plant medical marijuana in the state's Constitution. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Governance by email?

Fort Smith School Board deliberates in shadows

Subscriber onlySebastian County's prosecuting attorney has called out the Fort Smith School Board for violating the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: An inexplicable outcome

Americans uncertain what Trump presidency looks like

Subscriber onlyTry as they might, no one has quite explained what happened in American politics last week. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: And now, the governing

If voters picked Clinton, road ahead still rough

Subscriber onlyThese thoughts are predicated on the expectation that Hillary Clinton won on Tuesday and will be the next president of the United States. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: One final run-through

Voters have two days left to make their final decisions

Subscriber onlyMillions of voters nationwide, hundreds of thousands in Arkansas and tens of thousands locally have already put this election behind them. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Do details matter in pot politics?

Promoters shift focus after court’s Issue 7 rejection

Subscriber onlyIs the justification behind Issue 6 -- enactment of a law allowing those who need medication -- enough to excuse how Arkansas might legalize medical marijuana? Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Barriers to the ballot

Is state’s initiative system too cumbersome?

Subscriber onlyFour days into early voting and less than two weeks before the general election, Arkansas' ballot changed. Continue reading...

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