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Brenda Blagg: Up in smoke?

Medical marijuana proposals may put voters in a haze

Subscriber onlyAnother week has passed and still the Arkansas Supreme Court hasn't ruled on the legitimacy of one of the medical marijuana ballot questions. Continue reading...

Can’t unring that bell

Trump’s hesitance to accept election result unnerving

Subscriber onlyThe last of this year’s presidential debates could have been different. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: More than candidates

General Election features issues awaiting voters’ decisions

Subscriber onlyThe Arkansas Supreme Court has simplified the upcoming state ballot somewhat, taking a couple of issues out of the mix. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Michelle's powerful speech

First Lady decries Trump’s attitudes about women

Subscriber onlyMichelle Obama gave voice last week to disgust resulting from this year's ever-degenerating presidential election campaign. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: A lake born of a flood

Residents, dignitaries celebrate Beaver Lake’s 50th

Subscriber onlyA half century ago, Northwest Arkansas saw the realization of a long-sought, hard-fought goal with the creation of Beaver Lake. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: A Buffalo brain trust?

Governor appoints panel to promote river’s health

Subscriber onlyIf you think of the Buffalo National River, the image of soaring bluffs rising over free-flowing, pristine water immediately comes to mind. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Hospital leads changes

Springdale undergoing tremendous changts

Subscriber onlyThe image is getting sharper. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Gauging the impact

Did Monday’s debate sway anyone or just confirm suspicions?

Subscriber onlyThe much-awaited first presidential debate is history. Yet its true impact is unknown. Continue reading...

Ballot box uncertainties

Court provides victory on marijuana initiative

Subscriber onlyConfusion continues over Arkansas ballot issues. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Prepping the state

Long easing into decision on Little Rock football games

Subscriber onlyRecent comments by Jeff Long, the Arkansas athletics director, portend continued conflict over where the Razorbacks play home football games. Continue reading...

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