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Brenda Blagg: Guns stay home, for now

Concealed carry coming to campuses, but not yet

Subscriber onlyConcealed carry weapons are coming to Arkansas' college campuses, but their lawful carry will be delayed somewhat. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Why Cotton?

Is immigration change fodder for presidential ambition?

Subscriber onlyThe first question is why. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: A chink in the armor

Survey shows opening, however slight, in congressional races

Subscriber onlyA poll question posed recently to Arkansas voters indicated only 36 percent of them would definitely re-elect their respective congressmen. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: A presidential plummet

In a few months, Arkansans shift views on Trump

Subscriber onlyRecently released polling in Arkansas shows President Donald Trump starting to lose favor with an electorate that gave him a huge win last November. Continue reading...

Trotter won't give up on fight to protect plaintiffs in lawsuits

Subscriber onlyScott Trotter is nothing, if not persistent. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: The data grab

Trump panel searches for evidence to back up his claims

Subscriber onlyArkansas usually wants to finish first. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Governors on watch

State braces for impact from health care law changes

Subscriber onlyArkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has popped up in a couple of national reports lately, expressing concerns about health care legislation and its potential impact on this state. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Ballot battle rebuffed

Lawyers not ready to take on Arkansas Legislature

Subscriber onlyBy just three votes, the Arkansas Bar Association last week backed off a 2018 ballot war. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Rough road ahead

Can highway advocates convince voters to part with money?

Subscriber onlyIt is official. The Arkansas Highway Commission will pursue a 2018 ballot initiative to raise more money for highways. Continue reading...

Brenda Blagg: Iowa -- Land of Cotton?

Arkansans in Council Bluffs says he’s not running for president

Subscriber onlyRegardless of his protestations to the contrary, U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton sure looks like he's running for president. Continue reading...

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