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Between the lines: That amazing grace

President’s eulogy could heal wounds of division

Subscriber onlyWhen President Obama eulogized a slain pastor in Charleston last week, his words were far more than a tribute to a man tragically murdered in his church. Continue reading...

Is highway solution possible?

Governor appoints task force to look into state’s options

Subscriber onlyYet another panel of Arkansas citizens has taken on what seems like an impossible mission. Continue reading...

Governor blocks PARCC, insists on new school assessment tool

Subscriber onlyNow what? Continue reading...

Between the lines: Poverty marches on

Latest data on children in NW Arkansas perplexes

Subscriber onlyThe number is difficult to accept. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Not on their watch

Board of Education resists governor’s test shift

Subscriber onlyLast week's action by the Arkansas Board of Education to keep a controversial testing regimen for the public schools came off as an in-your-face reaction to Gov. Asa Hutchinson's decision to switch to different tests. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Money for nothing?

Chamber funding litigation prompts adjustments

Subscriber onlyA recent court decision in Pulaski County could impact public funding for local chambers of commerce. Continue reading...

Between the lines: The long search goes on

Morgan Nick disappeared from ballpark 20 years ago

Subscriber onlySix-year-old Morgan Nick ran off to chase fireflies with her friends 20 years ago this week and never returned. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Fayetteville tries again

Aldermen put forward new anti-discrimination measure

Subscriber onlyThe debate was hardly over when the results were tabulated in Fayetteville's December election over a controversial city ordinance. The measure was the famed Ordinance 119, passed by the City Council last year to provide anti-discrimination protection for the city's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Vehicles and votes

Lawmakers back bonds, primary election change

Subscriber onlyAs quickly as they gathered, Arkansas lawmakers are gone from Little Rock. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Governor pushes for industry

Legislators go fishing for military contract, jobs

Subscriber onlyArkansas lawmakers gathered again this week in Little Rock for what should be a quick in-and-out session. Continue reading...

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