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Between the lines: Can't do nothing

Lawyer group says change necessary for judiciary

Subscriber onlyChanging the way Arkansas Supreme Court justices are chosen won't happen easily, if it does at all. Continue reading...

Between the lines: The cash offense

Trustees provide opening for Long’s major project

Subscriber onlyThe vote is done but controversy will nevertheless linger now that the University of Arkansas trustees have decided to expand Razorback Stadium. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Just sign here, please

Canvassers will be plentiful in weeks ahead

Subscriber onlyGet ready for the biennial petition push. Continue reading...

Jockeying for 2018 offices has begun

Subscriber onlyWith the 2016 general elections looming, there are Arkansas politicians out there already talking instead about 2018. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Clinton dumps on Trump

Probable nominee says GOP contender not suited for presidency

Subscriber onlyThe headline of the week, at least in politics, is that Hillary Clinton is now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Judging the process

Justices should be nominated gubernatorial appointments, group says

Subscriber onlyCould Arkansas be on the verge of changing the way it chooses judges? Continue reading...

Between the lines: School's out for summer

For some teachers, it couldn’t have come fast enough

Subscriber onlyAs the school year came to a close all across Arkansas, teachers were making a decision. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Making the connection

Missouri still lacks funds for Bella Vista bypass

Subscriber onlyMissouri highway officials last week said again that they don't have the money now to finish their part of the Bella Vista bypass. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Can the governor have it all?

Hutchinson continues racking up legislative victories

Subscriber onlyGov. Asa Hutchinson got what he called "a $1 billion highway program" out of the Arkansas Legislature this week. Continue reading...

August election booked

Library supporters have reasons for special election

Subscriber onlyThe Fayetteville City Council last week fast-tracked a decision to submit a library millage election to Fayetteville voters. Continue reading...

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