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Between the lines: Debate over how to pay for Arkansas' highways continues

Debate over how to pay for Arkansas’ highways continues

Subscriber onlyThe argument really hasn't changed much. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Hutchinson tackles parole, prison issue

New governor tackles prison, parole issues

Subscriber onlyGov. Asa Hutchinson inherited a prison overcrowding problem that has perplexed one Arkansas governor after another. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Will UA report's dollar figures sway Legislature's funding decisions?

Will report’s big dollar figures sway Legislature’s funding decisions?

Subscriber onlyA recent report puts an impressive new dollar figure on the economic impact of the University of Arkansas. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Loaded for teaching

Bill will authorize school districts to arm teachers, staff

Subscriber onlyBy week's end, the state Legislature may have voted to put guns in the hands of teachers and other public school personnel. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Governor notches early victories

Question is what’s ahead for ‘Asacare’ in Arkansas

Gov. Asa Hutchinson has pulled off a promised middle-income tax cut and kept intact Arkansas' private option insurance plan. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Gun bill gets banged up

Rep. Collins’ push for on-campus guns falls short by one vote

Subscriber onlyAt least for now, state Rep. Charlie Collins' effort to get more guns on Arkansas' college campuses has been holstered. Continue reading...

Between the lines: Bell hits wrong tone

State Rep. Nate Bell, R-Mena, seemed to have good intentions when he first introduced House Bill 1054 to amend the Freedom of Information Act. Continue reading...

Homeless, children see Northwest Arkansas' good fortune from a distance

Homeless, children see Northwest Arkansas’ good fortune from a distance

Subscriber onlyParallel events in Northwest Arkansas recently underscored the point that the region's heralded prosperity doesn't reach the entire population. Continue reading...

Governor faces GOP trouble

Gov. Asa Hutchinson couldn't even get his budget plan announced before some Republicans in the Legislature were undermining his proposal. Continue reading...

Between the lines: 'Private option' deal not done

Hutchinson keeps ‘private option’ but lawmakers will have their say

Bottom line: Arkansas' "private option" plan for Medicaid expansion may continue through 2016. Continue reading...

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