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BRENDA BLAGG: Change is gonna come

Primary elections begin season of political shifts

Subscriber onlyNext week's primary elections in Arkansas will come with change, if not many fireworks. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Bag grocery tax, governor says

Political heat prompts specific rejection of notion

Subscriber onlyGov. Asa Hutchinson decided last week to weigh in strongly against raising the sales tax on groceries. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Taxing groceries again?

Task force considers ending popular tax exemption

Subscriber onlySeriously? Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Not in the cards?

Casino advocates struggle for attorney general’s approval

Subscriber onlyDriving Arkansas Forward has stalled again. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: GIF keeps giving

Governor pitches way local funding may continue

Subscriber onlyTestimony painted the picture of corruption. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: A taxing responsibility

Task force will focus on income, sales taxes

Subscriber onlyTax reform is more than tax cuts, although that's what taxpayers generally expect whenever talk turns to the issue. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Barely a peep

Primaries coming; candidates not drawing much attention

Subscriber onlyPity the candidates trying to gin up interest in this year's primary elections. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Changes on guns coming

Determined youth press on for political, cultural fronts

Subscriber onlyAmerica's gun laws will change. Count on it. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Westside to Parkland

Arkansas introduced to mass school shootings 20 years ago

Subscriber onlyA schoolyard shooting ended the lives of an Arkansas teacher and four students 20 years ago this week. Continue reading...

BRENDA BLAGG: Real news matters

Coverage, open government laws critical for public

Subscriber onlyArkansas citizens have even more reason this year to appreciate the state law that grants them access to most government meetings and records. Continue reading...

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