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Faithful transition: Unitarian Universalists share stories of transgender individuals

Unitarian Universalists share stories of transgender individuals

Subscriber only"The Unitarian Universalists have always been on the edge of social justice," said the Rev. Jim Parrish, who will be installed May 30 as the pastor of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Fayetteville. The Unitarian Universalists supported the fight for civil rights in the last century, with a large contingent marching with Martin Luther King Jr. in Washington, D.C., Parrish said. Continue reading...

Faith Matters: Garden's non-native plant presents ethical dilemas

Subscriber onlyI've gotten myself into another ethical dilemma. Our family has a place at the lake, and the idea is for it to be as low-maintenance as possible. When we get there, we want to enjoy spending time together, not spending time on the yard or house. So years ago, a neighbor asked me if I wanted some "lamb's ear" he was thinning out of his garden. He described it as a hardy ground cover the deer wouldn't eat -- which sounded just perfect to me, so I said, "Sure!" Continue reading...

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