Newspapers in Education

NIE curriculum guide celebrates the Constitution

Just in time for Constitution Day on Sept. 16, the NAA Foundation is releasing an updated version of "First Things First: Using the Newspaper to Teach the Five Freedoms of the First Amendment." This free educational resource helps teachers and students go beyond a one-day celebration of the historic document with an in-depth exploration of the First Amendment. Activities for elementary, middle- and high-school students align to national learning standards and feature a uniform lesson-plan structure.

What is NiE?

Newspapers in Education (NiE) is designed to promote literacy, increase hands-on learning in the classroom and develop lifelong reading habits among young people and their families. NiE provides classroom sets of newspapers to teachers in Benton, Washington and Madison county schools, along with a variety of teacher tools, resources and training opportunities.

Available through NiE:

  • Classroom sets of newspapers delivered free of charge;
  • Professional development workshops for teachers;
  • Curriculum guides that support a variety of subject areas and teaching goals;
  • Special supplements, serial stories and features designed for use in the classroom;
  • Student outreach workshops in area classrooms; and
  • Monthly e-mail updates for participating teachers, featuring new ideas and strategies for integrating newspapers in the classroom.

What does it cost?

With the generous support of donors and corporate sponsors, more than 15,000 newspapers per week are provided free of charge to teachers in Benton and Washington counties and Huntsville. If you would like to make a donation to support this program, or enroll as a teacher within these areas, please contact our Northwest Edition NIE office at (479) 684-5503 or

To enroll as an NIE teacher at a reduced rate within Arkansas, or donate to the statewide program, please contact the Little Rock NIE office at (501) 378-3847 or

Why should I participate?

  • NiE activities support state and national learning standards;
  • Using newspapers in the classroom is practical, easy and fun;
  • Newspapers are an informational text;
  • Newspapers excite students about reading and often reach non-traditional learners where other efforts fail;
  • Newspapers connect students to the world outside of the classroom; and
  • Students are encouraged to take their papers home, sharing them with their families to promote reading.
Ray Hoback, Debbie Hoffman, Kerry Hall

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette would like to thank the Springdale Neighborhood Market for sponsoring our Nie program.

Ray Hoback (General Manager) and Debbie Hoffman (Grant Coordinator) present Kerry Hall (Nie Fundraising & Promotions) with a check. The Springdale Neighborhood Market sponsors our program at the Silver level.

Thank You Ray & Debbie!

Contact Us!

If you would like more information about the NiE program, would like to participate or learn how to become an NiE sponsor, send an email to or call 479-684-5526. Kerry Hall our NiE Fundraising and Promotions Coordinator will be happy to help you.

Reading a gift that will last a lifetime.