HIGH PROFILE: Arkansas Arts Center's Ann Prentice Wagner

An art scholar whose passion for moderns such as O’Keeffe and Marin is balanced by devotion to Rembrandt, Ann Wagner dives deep on other topics, too — like baseball.

Posted: March 4, 2018 at 4:30 a.m.

“I am so tickled to be here. This is the career job that I got the Ph.D for. This is what I wanted, the ability to curate a really superior collection of American and contemporary art but that also includes several Rembrandt prints.”

The Arkansas Arts Center is not a small museum. “This is a medium-size museum with a small budget,” stresses Ann Prentice Wagner, the exhibition curator and curator of drawings at the Arts Center.


Ann Prentice Wagner

DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: Aug. 17, 1961, Washington

MY FAVORITE ARTIST IS: Rembrandt. I just adore Rembrandt. I’ve always adored Rembrandt.

MY FAVORITE JOHN MARIN PIECE IS: I just love Blue Shark from 1922. It’s not like any other Marin in the world. It’s just really strong and bold and it’s got so much personality. You won’t mistake it for anything else he ever did and I just love it.

MY FAVORITE SPOT AT THE ARKANSAS ART CENTER IS: The Bailey Gallery. It is small and intimate, it lets you get close and quiet and enjoy [the art] in a very intimate way. It really is a magical little gallery.

ON MY WALLS AT HOME YOU WILL FIND: At the moment, very little, but it is going to be an interesting combination of a few family pieces including some Chinese works … and also some really nice contemporary things that I have from local artists here and from some artists I worked on in other places around the country.

WHEN I AM NOT AT WORK I LOVE TO: Go walking. Two Rivers Park is where I have been the most.

IF I COULD OWN ONE PIECE OF ART IT WOULD BE: St. Jerome Reading in an Italian Landscape by Rembrandt.

FOR MY LAST VACATION I WENT TO: Assateague and Chincoteague, barrier islands off the coast of Virginia, last summer.


“I just fell in love with the place, the people and the collection. Todd has continued to bring in good people. All of these people with this great ex...

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