Posted: March 3, 2018 at 1:50 a.m.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette asparagus Illustration

Q I have an asparagus bed in my yard that has been there about 45 years. I harvest asparagus from it every year, getting enough for a few "messes" each season. Grass grows up in it, and I can usually keep that under control, cleaning it out in late winter before the new asparagus shoots come up; but this time the grass in the bed is huge. And there is so much of it. My question is, would it be safe to just burn the old grass before the new crop of asparagus starts coming up? Also, does the new growth come from the roots of the previous year's growth? Or does it come up from seeds dropped from the previous year's growth? Just wondering mainly if I can safely burn the grass in the bed -- safe for the asparagus, that is. (Will be most vigilant and careful when/if I do burn, of course.)

Two yellow-bellied sapsuckers circle a branch at Lake Fayetteville.

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