PHOTOS: Mysterious and majestic, bayou offers eye-popping adventure through one of Arkansas’ wondrous wetlands

Posted: June 11, 2018 at 4:30 a.m.

Stacy Price follows paddling buddies onto the Bayou DeView Water Trail, one of the 13 public paddling routes posted by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission as Arkansas Water Trails.

Born and raised in The Natural State, I thought I had explored all of Arkansas' natural treasures. Then my eyes were opened to Bayou DeView.


To reach the Hickson Lake Access/campground, take Exit 202 off Interstate 40, then go right on Arkansas 33. After 2 miles, turn left on U.S. 70. Drive about 7 miles on U.S. 70 and then go left on Dagmar Road. There is no road sign, but there is a sign for “Sheffield Nelson Dagmar W.M.A.” Ignore another sign for the wildlife management area that shows up at 5 miles that also has a sign for “Conway George Waterfowl Unit.” It is about 7 miles on the gravel Dagmar Road to Hickson Lake.

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An Old Man in the Tree was discovered on the Bayou DeView Water Trail.

Debbie Doss admires a rat snake May 27 on the Bayou DeView Water Trail. The snake soon escaped.

A map showing the location of Bayou DeView Water Trail.

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