RIGHT TIME RIGHT PLACE: She was the only one who could float his boat

Posted: July 8, 2018 at 3:31 a.m.

Charlotte and Jack “Hoot” Gipson celebrated their forthcoming 50th anniversary with a family trip to Alaska. “I think it’s helped us that we were very good friends for years,” Charlotte says. “We really knew each other well before we got married.”

Charlotte Jackson told her cousin in 1964 that someday she was going to marry the boy she saw riding his motorcycle on roads around her house on Lake Conway.

The first time I saw my future spouse:

She says: “I saw him circling Gold Creek on his motorcycle and I said to my cousin that I was going to marry him someday. I had never met him. I never have figured out why I felt that way about that.”

He says: “I just thought, ‘Who’s this?’ I think my boat had broken down. I was building a race boat and I was having problems when they pulled up. We just talked for a minute and then I cleaned up and went on.”

On our wedding day:

She says: “We knew his friends were going to decorate up his Camaro so we decided to just park right out front and let them do it. We left it in my aunt’s driveway and took her new Chevrolet Impala — it was white with a black top and it was a really nice car. We left Conway and we were headed to North Little Rock and the muffler fell off of this new Impala.”

He says: “Checking in together as man and wife at a hotel … that was something.”

My advice for a long happy marriage is:

She says: “You have to be good friends first. And there has to be a lot of give and take.”

He says: “Don’t go to bed mad at each other. You have your bad days and your good days but we always got through it.”

Charlotte Jackson and Jack “Hoot” Gipson were married on July 27, 1968. They met on the school bus and became good friends before they went on their f...

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