Ozark Regional Transit struggling to rise from the ashes of devastating fire a year later

Posted: January 14, 2018 at 1 a.m.

Ozark Regional Transit employees look at the remains of destroyed buses Jan. 10, 2017, in Springdale. Twenty busses were destroyed in the fire.

SPRINGDALE -- Ozark Regional Transit continues to provide public transportation a year after fire destroyed most of its fleet, but is struggling to rise from the ashes financially.

Joel Gardner (from left), executive director, Jason Lance, operations manager, and John Williams, transit coordinator, inspect Saturday a new bus deli...

John Williams, transit coordinator at Ozark Regional Transit, inspects Saturday a new bus delivered in Springdale. The bus was driven to the transit s...

Jason Lance (left), operations manager with Ozark Regional Transit and John Williams, transit coordinator, look over a new bus delivered Saturday to ...


Here’s a look at the “Skittles fleet” of borrowed buses Ozark Regional Transit has been running for most of the last year. Three new buses in ORT’s livery arrived Saturday and five more are on the way, which will allow some of the borrowed buses to be sent back home, officials said.

• 8: 40-foot 2004 NABI buses (yellow) from Dallas Area Rapid Transit

• 1: 35-foot 2001 Gillig bus (green) from Allegheny County, Pa., Transit

• 2: 40-foot 2000 Gillig buses (wrapped with Cane’s Chicken advertising) from Razorback Transit

• 2: 35-foot 2000 Orion buses (white) from Athens, Ga.

• 3: 35-foot 2015 Glaval buses (blue and green) from North Central Texas Council of Governments in Arlington, Texas.

• 6: 26-foot 2010 Eldorado cutaway buses (white) from Wichita, Kan., Transit

• 2: 26-foot 2010 Arboc buses (blue) from Springfield, Mo., Transit

• 3: 30-foot 2004 Gillig buses (green and blue) from Key West, Fla., Transit

Source: Ozark Regional Transit

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