Cindy Arsaga

It’s all about community

Posted: January 14, 2018 at 5 a.m.

"Cindy was an incrdedible single mother. Providing financially, and for a great home life for Terra. In spite of all the challenges, she was able to put herself through nursing school. Her efforts did not end at her own door, as she became involved in making Fayetteville a better place." -- Dawn Newman

Most of us count ourselves lucky to have had one great adventure, to have found one career we love, to create one lasting legacy by which we'll be remembered after we've left the planet.

Through Others’ Eyes

“Unfortunately, Cindy didn’t have a great role model for motherhood. She was an only child in a household where both parents were alcoholics, and domestic violence was a real and disturbing part of her early childhood years. It’s not uncommon to have that pattern continue to the next generation. Cindy broke that cycle. She’s not only been a loving and caring mother, but she is the glue that holds this family together.” — Cary Arsaga

“She’s a really great listener and a really great brainstormer. That’s what we do, we talk. We brainstorm. We figure out our lives. She’s just a very loving person. It’s is so wonderful to have a friend like Cindy. Not only can we do all of those things together, but we work together, too. It really is nice. Sometimes I’m not always easy, but she just loves me really well, and I know her and we just ignore those things and go on our way. I think Cindy will always be my friend. And I think that’s not always true of friendships, especially when you get older.” — Kathy Thompson

“She has been really instrumental about voicing all of the positive things that were going on on campus and being a real ally in the community, and helping us change from having a [strictly] academic mission on campus to having a role in the community. Her voice and input and advice on engaging the community has been invaluable.” — Jeannie Hulen, interim director of the UA School of Art

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