NWA Letters to the Editor

Posted: February 20, 2018 at 11:03 p.m.

Thompson's column a 'plea to Democrats'

Doug Thompson, the John Brummett of Northwest Arkansas, had a very uplifting column in the editorial section on Saturday that proves some things never change. His article titled "Break through or be broken" was a desperate plea to Democrats.

Doug takes every opportunity to spew bile about Republicans, especially the president, in just about all of his columns. He loves Democrats of any kind and that was what Doug's article was about. His desperate hope they can win back the government in 2018 was, as usual, tempered with attacks on the deplorables and the president. Doug hates both with a passion.

What really struck me was his pious statement "but my bias was not liberal, it was pro-decency" when addressing being wrong about Trump's chances of winning the election of 2016. Wow. Not liberal? Doug Thompson? Excuse me, Doug, but your bias is as obvious as Brummett's, Philip Martin's and all of the other New York Times and Washington Post writers this paper parades out on a regular basis. So spare us your righteous indignation. Anyone who has read the Democrat-Gazette gets the liberal, left-wing bias every day.

Don Landrum


Another look at wording contained in the Bible

In response to Coralie Koonce's letter on Monday, Feb. 12, stating that the word abortion never appears in the Bible, it is also true that the word fetus never appears. However, both Apostles Matthew and Luke state that Mary was "with child," not with fetus. And thus since the Bible considered Jesus a child in his mother's womb, perhaps the Fifth Commandment, which states "Thou shall not kill," would certainly include the act of abortion.

James Stowe


Commentary on 02/21/2018