Posted: February 4, 2018 at 1 a.m.

NW A Street bike trail appears to be dangerous

Have you noticed the new bike trail along NW A Street? It’s built on a narrow strip of land which was mostly used for walking and jogging. It consists of 20 moguls of various heights and lengths constructed with sand, crushed aggregate and hundreds of large decorative rocks ($$$). It’s in a very narrow area between the compost facility fence with its brick posts, and NW A street. I’m sure it presents a challenge for young mountain bikers, but also has a high potential for serious accidents.

Mountain bike accidents can result in serious permanent injuries or even death. We read about them all the time.

This new facility has a very high potential for accidents with the fence, rocks and road in a very narrow area. It should never been built in a busy residential area. Where were the thinking heads on this project? Where will the liability from injury accidents or worse fall? On the city, the construction company, the designers, the finance providers, or all four?