Keith Vire

One world, all people

Posted: September 10, 2017 at 1 a.m.

“Under his leadership, Arkansas Support Network’s ability to effectively serve clients has expanded both in the quality of its services and in the number of clients served … to summarize, Keith has made this a better world for all of us, but particularly for those with disabilities.” — Calvin Jarrett

Keith Vire, chief executive officer of the Arkansas Support Network, says he's had the same question posed to him throughout his entire career: "What family member inspired you to dedicate your life to working with and for people with developmental disabilities?"

Through Others’ Eyes

“He’s a wonderful person. He’s humble, he’s respectful of all and he’s caring, he’s fun and he’s funny, he’s dedicated, honest, strong, intelligent, he’s an advocate, he’s committed, he’s sensitive, he’s honorable, and he’s always there when I ask for help. I don’t know anyone else I could say this much about.” — Janie Wheeler

“The effect of Keith’s contagious leadership crosses generations. Our son Michael Jarrett currently serves on the ASN board. Michael’s wife, Anna Marie Jarrett, has been active in helping ASN. Our daughter, Kaley Jarrett, has also helped out. And that’s Keith’s influence on just one family. I can assure you he’s had that impact on many families.” — Calvin Jarrett

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