U.S. seeks parties to mold drone use

Posted: November 7, 2017 at 1:57 a.m.

Federal regulators are looking for local government agencies and businesses to participate in a pilot program to assess how unmanned aircraft will be managed on the local level.

Among the goals of the program, to be announced this week, are to understand the complexities of drone needs throughout the nation and to assess how transportation authorities can accommodate those needs in future unmanned flight policies. The program will also look to enhance the safety of drone flights, and measure how drones can be used across multiple industries -- from media to pipeline inspections, package delivery to law enforcement and rescue agencies -- according to a notice from the Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA and the department want participants such as port authorities, transit agencies, urban planning organizations and police departments who present diverse ideas to improve infrastructure and enhance workplace and transportation safety. Participants will help fundamentally shape how the government oversees drone flights.

Agencies have until Nov. 28 to apply. Those interested can request more information by emailing 9-AWA-UASIPP@faa.gov. Ask about "FAA/UAS Program Portal access."

--Dalton LaFerney

Business on 11/07/2017