HIGH PROFILE: Christopher Epperson is helping prevent suicides in Arkansas — and to him, it’s personal

Posted: November 5, 2017 at 4:30 a.m.

When he was 17, Christopher Epperson tried to take his own life. “I remember lying in my hospital bed and tears dripping down my mother’s face and falling on my face.” Now he is fighting for the lives of others.

It starts to rain before Christopher Epperson is even halfway through his walk, streetlights highlighting the drops that cling to his glasses and his brown hair.

“I knew that he would be good for people that come up that were lost or sad. I knew that he would be able to help,” says Jet Cuffman of Little Rock.


Christopher Epperson

DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: Dec. 29, 1970, Searcy

FAVORITE PET’S NAME: Grace Clairee Jackson, a mini schnauzer. Grace for Will & Grace. Clairee because that is a larger than life character from Steel Magnolias. And Jackson because Jackson sounds like good people.

NICKNAMES: When I was a little kid, everybody called me Little Ace because my initials were ACE. As I grew up, I didn’t want to be different from anybody else so I took the name Chris. My mom and dad kind of gave us a choice, so I took on my middle name, but I shortened it. When I got to college, I had so many friends called Chris that I took on Topher. … When I moved to Dallas to start my professional career, I moved to Christopher.

FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Thanksgiving — because it’s more about family.

MY FANTASY GET-TOGETHER WOULD INCLUDE: People that you wouldn’t normally put together like Karl Rove and David Axelrod. Those were the behind-the-scenes guys for presidents Bush and Obama.

MY FAVORITE TIMES WORKING WITH THE AMERICAN FOUN-DATION FOR SUICIDE PREVENTION ARE: Our yearly retreat. We go canoeing on the Buffalo River. … We let our hair down and giggle and enjoy life.


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